2017 Hair Expo Encore: Your Pampering For The Day


There will be gifts that will let you practice what you will learn. But, the best gift of all will be a chance for you to sit down with two of your piers, put your feet into the warm water and enjoy a free total body cleanse.  Then  have your feet  wrapped in warm towels. We will top it all off with a Detox with Foot Massagereflexology foot massage!



Let us help you and your clients look your youngest and have healthy, strong hair. We can also help you get energize and invigorated so you can give your best service every day!  Go ahead and ask those who attended the May Expo what they think about their new energy level!

Come Be Pampered While You Earn Your Certificate.

2017 Hair Expo Certificate

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2017 Hair Expo Encore
Registration $50.00

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