Arsenic In Rice


Arsenic Really is in Our Rice!

Yes, arsenic is in our rice. Arsenic has been found in American grown rice at levels averaging 3.5 to 6.7 micrograms per serving but can go as high as to 10 micrograms. Consider those numbers in light of the fact that the Japanese government doesn’t allow food with arsenic higher than 0.05 micrograms to be consumed by humans. This means that American grown rice is more than 21,000% higher in arsenic than the Japanese government would allow!  This should be a major cause for concern.

Brown rice tends to be among the highest levels of arsenic because it still has its outer layer where the arsenic gets concentrated. There are many ways that , organically grown rice can become contaminated with inorganic arsenic.

Arsenic has been determined to cause symptoms identical to autism.  Consider that the mercury found in seafood has been determined to cause symptoms identical to autism as well.  This makes the above meal extremely poisonous to autistic children.

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