Autism Causes and Recovery

Understanding autism causes and recovery starts here!  Autism is caused by a issues in the brain that often makes it hard to communicate with and relate to others. With autism, the different areas of the brain fail to work together.

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Autism tends to run in families, so experts think it may be something that you inherit. At Optimum Health, we think it runs in families because families share the same exposure to various environmental toxins.  How each person will respond to those toxins will depend on their genetic inheritance, nutritional status and support with dealing with their situation.  For example, research by Dr. Sidney Finegold compared the gut flora of children with regressive ASD to neurotypical children.  The results show that clostridial counts were higher in the children with autism. The number of clostridial species found in the stools of children with ASD was greater than in the stools of neurotypical children. Children with ASD had 9 species of Clostridium not found in the neurotypical group.  The neurotypical group showed only 3 species not found in children with autism. In all, there were 25 different clostridial species found. In stomach and small intestine specimens, the most striking finding was total absence of Clostridia from neurotypical children and significant numbers of such bacteria from children with autism.  This causes our Optimum Health Staff to recognize the need to support the colon’s ability to fight off unwanted species of microbes and to support the growth of desirable microbes.  When the proper support is given, autism recovery can begin allowing autistic children to make huge progress.




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Research by Dr. PardoDr Vargas and Dr. Herbert have shown an ongoing inflammatory process in the brain that plays a key role in Autism Spectrum Disorder.  At Optimum Health, we think that this inflammation is due to toxin present in the brain.  Our total body cleanse process can remove these toxin allowing the body to heal causing the inflammation to be eliminated.



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