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Happy CoupleOptimum Health’s detox program is very successful. In the 3 years that we have been offering our detox program, we have only lost one client from the program.  Everyone else has done well and continues to be drug free living relatively happy and successful lives.

Optimum Health’s successful detox program evolved from our total body detoxification program that was started nearly a decade ago.  We began to notice certain smells in the resulting water.  These smells were soon identified as various types of alcohol, cocaine, crack cocaine and other narcotics.  Clients who were shaking with drug withdrawal symptoms would settle down and no longer desire the drugs just as the smells began to occur.  These clients would actually have drug tests indicate no drugs in their urine just hours later.
Young stress free couple.Unfortunately, many of these clients still struggled with the reasons that sent them to the drugs in the first place.   This is where our emotional release therapy was very helpful.  Once these clients are helped to make life style changes and release the emotions that cause them to think that life is too hard to deal with, they no longer need the drugs for an emotional crutch.
As the years passed, we decided it was time to develop a program aimed specifically at helping people overcome their addictions.  We combined our total body detoxification process and our emotional release therapy to form a powerful tool to help get clients off of their addictive substances. Though there can be some rare issues early in the program,  most make it through our program without withdrawal symptoms or other issues common to other detox programs.



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