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Our Optimum Health Array Cleaner is formulated to prepare the official Aqua Detox System arrays for reuse.  The cleaner should be used after every treatment.  Place the array in a container with the cleaner and soak for 15 to 20 minutes.  Rinse thoroughly and store array until its next use.


Aqua Detox Products:                                         Authentic Aqua Detox Arrays
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This authentic Aqua Detox array is made by  Aqua Detox specifically for the official Aqua Detox Equipment.  It is made  from virgin steel that allows peak performance.  When used with the authentic Aqua Detox equipment, this array will give you results that match your client’s physician’s diagnosis.  You will see yellow green detox water when the physician has indicated kidney issues and blue green or army green detox water when the physician has indicated gall bladder issues.  You will see orange detox water when there are joint issues and sudsy looking foam sitting on the detox water when there are lymphatic issues.

This authentic Aqua Detox  array has a 4mm gap around the plastic covering which prevents accidental access to the metal coil while plugged into the detox system.  These detox arrays should last 20 – 30 treatments in commercial use, if cleaned and stored properly.  The harder the array works during treatments, the fewer treatments each array will yield.  New clients that are very toxic can use up an array in about 20 treatments.  Clients who are not very toxic may allow an array to yeild as many as 50 treatments.


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