How Often Can Emotional Liberation Therapy Be Done?

Woman with Emotional StrugglesEmotional liberation therapy can be done as close as 2-3 days apart.  At Optimum Health, typically the appointments are at least one week apart.  The more intense the emotions and the more symptoms present, the more often the emotional liberation therapy will be done.  Each time the statement, “There are inherited emotions that can be liberated now” or “There are trapped emotions that can be liberated now” will be made.  The emotional liberation practitioner will check for a true or false response to the statement.  If your body indicates true, then the appointment will proceed cutting the ties of more emotions that may be holding you back.   Again, you can get another appointment as quickly as a few days.  Depending on your situation, the emotional liberation practitioner may give you a specific time to be seen again.

When the practitioner makes the statement about inherited or trapped emotions being liberated now, your body may indicate that it is a false statment.  In that case, then the emotional liberation practitioner will deal with emotions currently being experienced that may get trapped if not liberated.  This is particularly helpful if you are dealing with a divorce situation, death of a loved one and etc.

With each round of inherited, trapped or current emotions that are liberated, you will find that you think clearer, feel happier and make decisions better!


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