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Many common detox problems of ionic detox foot baths come from people not understanding the causes.  The body continues detoxing for up to 48 hours. During the first 30 minutes the equipment will remove the toxins for you. However, once you remove your feet from the ionic detox foot bath’s water, you will be responsible for using your urine and feces to remove the toxins yourself for the next 47 1/2 hours. This will make it extremely important for you to flush your system by drinking plenty water and empty your bowels as indicated by your detoxification specialist.

Not fueling the detox process properly can cause a long list of common detox problems for the ionic detox foot bath.    Not fueling the detox process can also cause the body to steal nutrients from various processes in your body to fuel this process.  This causes these processes to come to a halt creating nutritional deficiency symptoms that people mistakenly call detox symptoms.

Common Detox Problems: Pain in Lower BackCommon Detox Problems:  Pain

Pain is a common detox problem if the ionic detox foot bath process is not done correctly.  If you do not help your body clear the toxins properly, they may sit near the organs that released them and may cause a variety of problems such as pain.  Therefore, if you cleansed your:

MUSCLES, you may feel pain in many of your muscles all over your body as the toxins sit there and irritate them.  Your legs may even feel restless.

LIVER, you may feel pain over the lower portion of the right side of your rib cage.

URINARY TRACT, you may feel pain just above your pubic region and/or on one or both sides of your lower back.

JOINTS, you may feel pain in any of the joints that you cleansed.

BRAIN, you may experience headaches or migraines.

Common Detox Problems:  Nausea and Elevated Blood Pressure

The common detox problems for those who are clearing mercury from their system  are nausea, elevated blood pressure, joint pain, headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears and dizziness when walking.

Common Detox Foot Bath Problems:  Burning Legs

The common detox problems for those who are clearing arsenic from their system is burning legs.  The arsenic can build up in the legs and make them burn like they are on fire.

Common Detox Foot Bath Problems: Flu Like Symptoms and Fatigue

If you do not eat enough protein, your body will divert the protein from your immune system into the detox process.  this can cause the common problems associated with detoxing such as flu like symptoms, fatigue and allergies worsening.  This weakens your immune system leaving it unable to defend your body properly.  As a result, you leave your body with an environment ripe for germs to take over.  At that point, your body has to divert the fuel from your arms and legs to the immune system.  This can cause fatigue.

Common Detox Problems: Slow or Irregular Heart Beat

Other common detox problems such as slow or irregular heart beat can occur when calcium is diverted from the heart to the detox process.  This leaves your heart without the calcium needed to regulate your heart beat.

Common Detox Foot Bath Problems: Solution

Most of these common detox problems can be avoided if you drink 24 to 32 ounces of  water at least three times a day.  This will help your body to rinse out the toxins before they can cause these common detox problems.  Having several bowel movements a day will also help remove the toxins before they can build up and cause these common detox problems. Finally, properly fueling your detox process as instructed by your qualified health care professional can prevent the need to divert the nutrients used as fuel for the detox process.

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