Iridology Course


IRIDOLOGY CLASS: Iridology and More

Enlisting the latest European Iridology methods, as well as the traditional Jensonian American Iridology method, this iridology class will focus on the practical application of iris analysis and interpretation. Everything will be easily understood with straight forward applications.  There will be hands on time to view live eyes plus 120 slides will be presented. All body systems and organs will be discussed along with herbs to nourish and support.  As time permits, other topics such as understanding the dynamics of elevated cholesterol will be discussed.

This is a fast paced class.  Therefore, it is suggested that you request your syllabus in advance and study it thoroughly before coming to class.  This class will be held at a hotel at the Richmond airport and can be broken up into two separate one day classes.


Thomas Anstette, LMT, CNHP Thomas Anstett, LMT, CNHP
This class will be taught by Thomas Anstett, LMT, CNHP. Thomas Anstett’s education in the Wholistic Health field began in 1970 when he was presented with health challenges at a young age. He began taking classes with Michio Kushi and studied the works of many renowned Wholistic Health pioneers like Arnold Ehret and Paavo Airola. Later studies extended his knowledge base to include Chinese medicine. He received a Doctorate of Naturopathy from Trinity College and is a Master Herbalist. For many years, he has worked with clients in the area of soft tissue as a state licensed Massage Therapist and Certified NeuroMuscular Therapist. His experience was shared with students as an instructor for the Alpha School of Massage. For the last 15 years he was an instructor for Certified Natural Health Professionals where he has traveled extensively throughout the United States teaching various seminars on Wholistic Health. He also lectures internationally on cruise ships covering a wide variety of health topics.


Class Registration: TBA

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