Nutritional Assessments

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Nutritional Assessments Vital for Optimum Health

Nutritional assessments are vital for optimum health.  An accurate nutritional assessment can guide you to your optimum health status much in the way directions, a map or GPS will guide you to your desired destination when you arrive in a new city.  We take the guess work out of it and steer you directly to your optimum health status!

If you prefer, we can do your appointment as a skype consultation which eliminates the need for you to come to our center.

Symptom Based Nutritional Assessments

We have studied the symptoms of nutritional deficiencies in our clients for over 20 years. The resulting copyrighted, comprehensive list of symptoms and their degree of severity is extremely useful in detecting even the slightest nutritional deficiency. We help you to understand why it makes more sense to give the body the nutrients it is asking for instead of the harmful medicines often recommended. Look at the following example:

Trouble Sleeping at Night






The bones absorb a lot of calcium while you sleep as this is the best time to rebuild bones while you are not using them for movement. When the bones absorb the calcium from your blood, your blood levels can drop too low to keep the melatonin flowing at high enough levels to make you have restful sleep.


Sleeping Pills

This does not address the problem of too little calcium to keep the bones strong. So, eventually, you may develop low bone density and get diagnosed with osteo-penia or osteoporosis.

Excessive Sadness




B Vitamins

The B vitamins are your happy vitamins. They help keep you energized and loving life. Without enough of them or with an improper balance of them, you may become saddened and sluggish or fatigued.  However, you may also have problems with your hair falling out, menstrual cycle lasting longer than 3 days and much more.


This does not address the problem of too little B vitamins so the many other symptoms of a B vitamin deficiency does not get addressed.


Joint Stiffness





Lecithin is an oil that your body will use to lubricate the joints and decrease inflammation that leads to stiffness.



Pain Killers, Steroids

This does not address the problem of inflammation in the joint.  Therefore, you continue to use the joint and destroy it further leading to the need for surgery.

Nutrients Assessed During Nutritional Assessment

We assess the status of your protein, vitamin C, B vitamins, Vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, iron, and water levels.  These substances are extremely important for healing and optimum health.

We also assess the things that can that can make your nutritional needs sky rocket such as stress, toxins and constipation.  Finally, we consider the things that can decrease the availability of your nutrients such as digestive issues and the possibility of heavy metal toxicity.

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Implementing Your Suggestions

We help you implement your Recipe for Health. During which time the goal will be to help you rewire your system and remove harmful toxins that impede the healing process. Rewiring your system with supplements will allow your body to begin asking for water and healthier foods. For example, the rewiring will cause your body to ask for foods that don’t cause the release of an excessive amount of insulin. This will cause your body to leave fat storage mode. In turn, your body will decrease and/or stop craving sugar producing foods.

Keep in mind that each person is different.  Therefore, each person will reach each stage of this process at the time that is right for the individual person.

…………………………………………………………………………………………….. 1 Hour Nutritional Assessment $100

…………………………………………………………………………… All follow-up appointments are billed at $100/hr


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