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oy protein womenOptimum You Super Food Drink is the best women’s protein supplement consisting of real food. It has a combination of grains “stacked” to work together synergistically for your body. This formula is totally natural and has no preservatives. Since it is in powder form, you can sprinkle it over salads or mix it with your favorite juice or water. Optimum You has no added sugar.

Though Optimum You is formulated for all ages, it is especially helpful for ages 40 and up. It is also especially helpful to those wanting to increase muscle mass and to those with skin issues such as eczema.


MICKIE-before and afterIn the BEFORE picture to the above, notice the skin hanging below the jaw line, the depth of the grooves in the wrinkles and the thickness of her skin. Finally, notice how her cheeks are hanging.

Most of this is gone in the after picture.

Her cheeks literally look as if they were lifted. This is the power of giving the body what it is asking for…MICKIE-before and after MOVIE not smilingproperly balanced AMINO ACIDS!

Your body can turn the amino acids in Optimum You women’s protein into the proteins that are essential for your body to function. Collagen is a protein made by these amino acids. Collagen lays just beneath the surface of your skin. Since collagen has the strength of steel, having just the right amount of it can keep your skin tighter, sleeker, smoother and wrinkle-free. Collagen will prevent your skin from having wrinkles and deep grooves or hanging as it does in the BEFORE picture above. Collagen will keep your skin wrinkle -free as it is beginning to do in just 24 hours in the above picture.

MICKIE-before and after jaw line

Optimum You, Protein Supplement:
Feel & Appear More Youthful

Optimum You Women’s Protein can be used by the body to produce hormones, a group of proteins that act as messengers to help your body perform various functions that are related to health and well being. For example, Optimum You can increase the pituitary’s production of the protein messenger called human growth hormone. Research has shown that human growth hormone plays a major role in the health and vitality associated with youth. Without this type of support, around the age of 30, the pituitary and thymus glands may begin slowing down production of this hormone and the aging process accelerates.

Optimum You…feel and appear more youthful!

Optimum You Women’s Protein Supplement:
Appetite Suppressant & Neurotransmitters

The appetite can be suppressed once the body’s nutritional needs are met by this protein supplement. This protein supplement also reduces hot flashes, and while promoting stronger bones.

The amino acids in Optimum You are called neurotransmitters once they enter the brain. As neurotransmitters, the amino acids are used by the brain to communicate with itself stimulating mental energy and eliminating absent mindedness and mental fog. As neurotransmitters, the amino acids also help support normal sleep patterns, improve stress handling and help ensure a feelings of well being.

Since the body uses amino acids as a part of its defense system, Optimum You helps strengthen the function of the immune system. Optimum You also helps regulate the menstrual cycle as well as heart, kidney, and liver function.

Optimum You Women’s Protein Supplement: For Children and Babies

Children think better so they make better grades in school. Their skin clears up when they have been diagnosed with eczema. Expecting mothers who take Optimum You Women’s Protein Supplement daily tend to have babies born with extremely developed muscles like those of a three month old.

Ingredients: Black Beans, Red & Green Lentils, Soy Beans, Sesame and Psyillium Husk

Please note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is for educational purposes only. Optimum Health, LLC in no way dispenses medical advice, prescribes, or assumes responsibility for those who choose to treat themselves. Consult a qualified healthcare professional before using these or any product during pregnancy or if you have a serious medical condition.

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