What is Protein and What Does it Do in My Body?

Paralleling Individual Pearls in the Strand to Amino AcidsThink of protein as a strand of pearls.  The entire strand of pearls would represent a strand of protein.  The individual pearls would represent the amino acid building blocks of protein.  Just as the type of pearls used would determine the type of  pearl necklace you will have, so too the type of amino acids used would determine the type of protein made.

Altering the amino acids used, among other things, will determine whether the protein will look like hair, skin or muscles.  It will determine whether the function of the protein will be to cut things (called enzymes), tighten your skin (called collagen) or control vital processes (called hormones).  As you can see, proteins have many functions in your body.

What Proteins Do In Your Body?

Proteins are broken into smaller pieces when you chew your food. Once you swallow the food, the protein is passed further along your digestive tract where it is broken down into its amino acid building blocks.  These amino acids enter your bloodstream where they will eventually be used as follows:


                                                            Body Part                     Protein Function       Protein Deficiency Symptom

Beautiful, Healthy Hair  Hair

Make hair strong and shiny.

Dull easily broken hair.

Beautiaful Skin  Skin

Help skin to be tighter, sleeker, smoother, thinner and baby soft. Decreases wrinkles.

 Acne, thick skin, “cottage cheese” cellulite, and wrinkles

Strong Muscles  Muscles

More sculptured body, with exercise endurance and stamina

Decreased energy and stamina.  Poor muscle tone and muscle weakness.

Neurotransmitters at Work!  Neurotransmitters

Once the amino acids enter the brain they are called neurotransmitters. They help the brain to communicate with itself and the rest of your body well.  This enables sharp thinking and focus. Mental energy and an excellent memory.

 Depression, absentmindedness, forgetfulness, lack of focus, poor grades in school

Hormones  Hormones

Chemical messengers that control a variety of body functions such as growth, menstruation, sexual development, and rate of metabolism.

Depression as well as decreased energy, stamina.

Scissors Cutting Food  Enzymes

Think of enzymes as “scissors” that cut things such as your food and intruders into smaller pieces. Enzymes also cut other enzymes to activate them.

 Poor digestion, weakened immune system and processes that do not get activated and deactivated.

Immune System  Immune System

Fights off intruders and helps your body heal.

Poor resistance to infections, catch colds easily impaired healing of wounds, slow recovery from disease

Liver  Liver

Amino acids cause the liver to dump sugar into your blood whenever your blood sugar level drops too low.

Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), cravings for crunchy, salty foods, lack of thirst when slightly dehydrated


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