To Cure or Heal?

To Cure

prescription medicine, pillsMosby’s Medical Dictionary states that it is the “restoration to health of a person afflicted with a disease or other disorder”. So when it is a formally named disease or disorder that the body is healing, you can say that a cure is taking place. However, Mosby’s Medical Dictionary and many others give the more medically accepted definition as “a course of therapy, a medication, a therapeutic measure, or another remedy used in treatment of a medical problem…”.  Legally, special credentials are required in order to say that a cure has happened.

To Heal

Cells Heal The BodyAt Optimum Health, we leave the curing brought on by medicines and treatment of diseases to the physicians and focus on assisting your body with healing. This means that we try to ensure that your body has what it needs to restore its own health and then we get out of the way and watch as your body brings itself as close to its optimum health status as possible. This is a small difference but it has a huge impact. SEE TESTIMONIALS


What is the Difference Between Healing and Curing?

Optimum Health ask:


We help your body heal itself.To cure or heal, what is the difference? At times, curing can be the same as healing.  Cure is a legal term that only the medical establishment is allowed to use.  “Cure” is typically reserved to an appearance of normalcy brought on by medicines. Heal is a term that has no real legal implications and  can be used by anyone who helps the body to restore health by any means available.

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