Senior Services

Robert Butler, Before and AfterAt the age of 93, Robert Butler was still saying,

The older I get the better I feel!” 

Mr. Butler goes on to say,

“I never thought I could feel this good again!

Even though he is smiling in the before picture on the left, you can see the tiredness on his face and the lack of vigor in his eyes.

Following his Recipe for Health developed during his Primary Wellness Consultation at  Optimum Health’s has returned  a look of vitality to his face.  See the twinkle in his eyes.   Mr. Butler stood straight again and no longer needed his cane for walking.  He and his family members were very pleased.

Don’t the seniors in your life deserve the same for their senior years?


Barbara T.

Barabara T:  Age…“I’m not telling!”
“Inside one month…I feel ever so much better.”

Optimum Health’s senior services are offered at our natural healthcare center where we are committed to listening to each client’s concerns and assisting with the pursuit of vibrant health utilizing traditional services, alternative services, complimentary services  and natural services which include iridology, ionic detox foot baths for total body cleanses, nutritional assessments, hair and urine analysis as well as muscle testing and heemotional liberation therapy.


Pursue health at ALL ages! 


Hair Loss - Before and After
Gloria K: Age 83
My hair is growing back.  I have so much energy now!  I can keep up with my babies again!

Time is taken to help our seniors and their loved ones understand their role in helping seniors reach for vibrant states of optimum health.  It can take longer and require more patience if you are just now beginning to pursue health in your senior years.  Our team will be right there with you, every step of the way!

Chair Massage by Jane Bridgeforth

We can bring a sampling of our wellness services for seniors to senior citizen communities and assisted living facilities conducting seminars and participating in family night to help seniors and their families know that vigor and vitality can be a part of the senior years.

In the picture to the left, Jane Bridgeforth, CMT is doing a chair massage on one of the residents at Darby House Senior Community.


Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP


Tianya S. Clark, B. S., CNHP is our natural health practitioner.  She will help your seniors and their family members enjoy their learning experience.




Excellent Educators

Optimum Health Staff Members Amber Terrell, MS
Exceptional Staff Members

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