How to Prevent Alopecia (Hair Loss)

Hair Loss - Before and After


Hair Loss Due To External ReasonsPreventing Hair Loss by Recognizing the Causes is Very Effective

Hair loss from the head or body is formally known as alopecia. One of the causes of alopecia is sleeping with ponytails, braiding the hair too tight, hair relaxer solutions, hot hair irons, sleeping on cotton pillow cases, tying things around your head and much more.

The pattern of baldness that you see in this picture is most likely caused by one or more of the things listed above.

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Causes of Alopecia (Hair Loss): Internal

Hair Loss Pattern: Organ Issues And Thin All OverInternal Causes of Alopecia: Vitamin Deficiency

The alopecia, as in this picture, can have internal causes which thin the hair all over. Internal hair loss causes can be an iron, B vitamin and/or protein deficiencies.

Iron and B vitamin deficiencies typically cause hair thinning.

A Protein deficiency typically causes the texture of the hair to become rougher or kinkier.  A protein deficiency can also cause the hair to break off and fall on your shoulders, the sink or be in the comb.


Male Pattern Baldness: Protein DigestionInternal Causes of Alopecia Protein Deficiency

This area can go bald when there are not enough proteins in the diet or when the proteins that are eaten are not digested properly.



Hair Loss:Internal Causes of Alopecia: Organ Stress

When you have hair loss in some areas but the hair is thick everywhere else, the area that the baldness is in may indicate stressed organs that may no longer be functioning properly.

This picture indicates organ stress in the lungs, kidneys, and circulatory system. Click here for pictures on specific organ area locations on the scalp.

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