The Benefits of Total Body Detox Cleanse

  • Total body detox cleanses increase your energy significantly as nutrients channeled into the management of toxins are free to be used for energy.
  • Total body detox cleanses remove harmful metals such as mercury and lead that have been proven to cause symptoms identical to Alzheimer’s Disease and autism.
  • Total body detox cleanses decrease toxins in your joints which will cause them to feel better.
  • Total body detox cleanses cleanse your organs and allows them to function better.
  • Total body detox cleanses remove the toxins that are being pushed through the pores of your skin causing skin problems. This can drastically improve the appearance of your skin.


Blood Pooling in Hands, Before and After Detox

In the above picture, the client had darkened blood pooling under her skin due to broken blood vessels.  A physician in New York was burning the blood vessels to minimizing the bleeding.  On her first detox, there was a pool of blackness all around her hand in the water.  There was significantly less black on her hand after the detox.  However, most of it came back by the time she came for her second detox.  The first picture above is what her hand looked like just before her 4th detox.  It is no longer completely black, but you can see that her hand is no longer black.  Notice that there is a little spot of black on the baby finger and in the little spots on her ring finger and a few other places.  The second picture was taken immediately after her 4th detox.   There is a huge difference!


Blood Cels Before DetoxBlood Cels After Detox

The cloudiness in the first picture represents the toxins in the blood.  The cloudiness is all gone in the second picture.  Even the cells have been cleaned.

We call it total body detoxification at its best!

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