Is It Safe To Dump Toxins?

Total Body Cleanse DetoxIt is safe for most people to dump toxins with the Aqua Detox System that is used at Optimum Health.  However, the fact that it is safe for most people does not mean that it is safe for you.  With this in mind, it is recommended that you discuss this with a qualified health professional to determine what is safe for you.

Can I Leave Toxin Dumping Mode Safely?

Yes, you can leave toxin dumping mode safely once your body releases enough toxins to be willing to leave toxin dumping mode.  We will guide you through the process and let you know when your body indicates that it is safe to leave toxin dumping mode.  Depending on the severity of your situation, there may a period of time where it will not be safe for you to leave toxin dumping mode until your toxic levels decrease.  This can happen once your body has developed a habit of clearing out your store houses of toxins by slowly and systematically dumping them into your blood expecting them to be removed as they normally are removed by our equipment.  Once your body takes over this process, it can continue to clear out these store houses even though you are no longer coming to have the toxins removed from your blood.  This can cause the toxins in your blood to increase.  If the toxins being released into your blood are extremely harmful like mercury, lead or uranium, you can become very sick.  Therefore, you do not want to enter toxin dumping mode unless you are prepared to remain in it until your body indicates that it is safe for you to leave toxin dumping mode.

What are the Complications of Toxin Dumping Mode?

At Optimum Health, we have found that once toxin dumping mode has been entered, it is very important that you continue to detoxify your body as quickly as your body is dumping the toxins.  Otherwise, it appears that the blood levels of toxins can get too high and make you feel sluggish, sleepy, lethargic and just plain awful.  How you feel will depend on the type of toxin that is being dumped into your blood.  The massive release of really harmful toxins can cause really serious problems.

In the case of heavy metals, as long as you are detoxed at proper intervals for your situation, symptoms are minimal.  However, if you are not detoxed at proper intervals or if you stop detoxing before your qualified health professional tells you to do so, the heavy metals will continue to be dumped into your blood stream as your body is in toxin dumping mode.  As the heavy metals continue to be dumped into your blood stream gravity will pull them down into the feet.  As the feet become filled with the heavy metals, they may swell as in the pictures below.

Feet and Ankles Swollen Feet and Ankles Swollen

As a result, it is important that each client follows their recommended frequency for detoxing.  Initially, it will range from daily to once a week.  Eventually, everyone is cut back to once a week.

The suggested maintenance program consist of a detox once a month to minimize the amount of toxins that your body would be required to manage.

Are the Complications of Toxin Dumping Mode A Reason Not to Enter Toxin Dumping Mode?

Absolutely not!  The complications of toxin dumping mode are, however, a reason to make sure that your detoxification specialist are knowledgeable and properly trained to guide you through this process.  At  Optimum Health, all detoxification specialist complete a four month certification program.  During the first three months they are in the classroom learning the organs of the body, how they are affected by our equipment and how they appear in the resulting ionic foot bath water. They learn the common problems and their early detection signs.  They also learn how to instruct you how to prevent and eliminate these issues. Their training includes proper professional etiquette and standard  Optimum Health responses to your questions.  They spend the last month in our detox center seeing clients under strict supervision to ensure that they are properly qualified to guide you through this process.  No, this certification is not required by other facilities that offer this service.  However, at Optimum Health we require it because we want you to receive the best possible natural healthcare!

The complications of toxin dumping mode are a reason for you to take this process seriously.  You need to be prepared to continue until your certified detoxification team tell you it is safe to stop.  This means making sure that you have the desire, determination, time and finances to see this process to the end.  Optimum Health’s certified detoxification team can help you determine if you are truly ready to take on the task of cleansing your body and helping it to heal and approach its optimum health status!


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