Kidney Problems Testimonials

Robert Butler in detox chair.

The Doctor Said,
“Renal Insufficiency”
Robert, B, Heathsville, Virginia

My kidney problems were diagnosed as stage 4 renal insufficiency (sometimes called kidney failure) and my doctor wanted me to start with kidney dialysis treatments.  There was no hope of my kidneys ever improving.

My daughter called Optimum Health and was told that, though they did not diagnose or treat disease, there was a chance that my kidneys might be able to cleanse themselves with the assistance of their total body detoxification process. Fortunately, the detoxification done at my initial consultation indicated that my kidneys were cleansing themselves.

After three months of total body detoxification and my new supplemental program, my doctor determined that my kidneys were better.  I am now at stage 3 plus and my doctor says that  my kidneys are working fine for a man over 80 years old.  I keep coming to Optimum Health because I think they can work even better.

I recently noticed that my joints don’t hurt anymore!  I feel great!

How thankful I am for people like Tianya who truly care about my health!


“After starting on my new mineral drink, my hair is turning black again…at my age! I keep telling people the older I get, the better I feel.”

Mr. Butler has never had dialysis and he no longer needs EPO shots.  According to his daughter, his physician has indicated that his “kidneys function better than the average Americans kidneys” and told him to keep on doing what he is doing!

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Kidneys Better In 5 Weeks
Mr. Perkins, Glen Allen, VA

This client’s physician was trying to get him to do dialysis and EPO shots for 3 years.  The client was very anemic and struggling.  He was referred to Optimum Health to try to avoid dialysis treatments.  After just five weeks he went back to his physician to be told that he no longer qualified for EPO shots.  Dialysis was no longer recommended.  This is healing…Optimum Health Style!


The Doctor Said, “My Kidneys Would Never Heal.”
B. M., New Jersey

This Client’s kidneys were emptying through tubes that came out of her back into bags at her bed side.  The right kidney was no longer producing urine so the bag never had to be emptied.  The left kidney was producing 6-12 ounces of brown urine a day.  Within 24 hours of complying with Optimum Health’s recommendations, she was producing normal amounts of beautifully golden urine!   This is healing…Optimum Health Style!


The Failed Kidney Transplant

A client had received a kidney transplant that failed within one year.   She was receiving dialysis three time a week for four years after the transplant failed.  When she urinated, only a trickle would flow.  After just one total body detoxification her kidneys produced enough urine to make a full stream of urine.  Though the the quantity was still minimal, we were very hopeful that her kidneys were still capable of healing themselves.  Since her physicians convinced her not to continue with the detoxification process, we will never know.


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EDTA Has Not Affected His Kidneys
G. Matthews, Virginia

Mr. Matthews needed more than what our detoxification system can offer for chelation.  So we sent him to get EDTA chelation.  Because EDTA chelation is hard on the kidneys, kidney function is monitored regularly.  To minimize the damage to his kidneys, we had him to come to our center for our detoxification process immediately following the EDTA chelation.  This would allow our system to remove the harmful metals that the EDTA would cause to be released into his bloodstream before they would have time to damage his kidneys.   We are pleased to report that Mr. Matthews continued to stay in the 90+ percentile for kidney function for the full 3 years that he has been getting the EDTA treatments!


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