Traditional or Alternative Healthcare?

What is Traditional Healthcare?

What we now call traditional healthcare is actually a new form of healthcare.  It’s goal is to detect and manage diseases with medicines and surgeries.  Many years ago, traditional healthcare held medicines and surgeries as a last resort when less drastic measures failed.

What is Alternative Healthcare?

Alternative healthcare is what is practiced at Optimum Health.  We leave the curing brought on by medicines to the physicians and focus on assisting your body with healing. This means that we try to ensure that your body has what it needs to restore its own health and then we get out of the way and watch as your body brings itself as close to its optimum health status as possible. This is a small difference but it has a huge impact. SEE TESTIMONIALS


Traditional or alternative healthcare…which is the right one for your needs?

Traditional – AMA Trained Medical Doctors – MD’s The body is part of an evolutionary process and some organs are left overs from evolution and so can be removed without significant loss. Natural – God designed and created the body in perfection and all the organs are necessary and provide a valuable function. They are all interrelated and are needed for whole-body health.
Traditional – The food we eat, toxins we ingest, poisons we use on lawns and home are relatively unimportant. Air, water, not relevant to health issues. Natural food is a fad. Food supplements are not necessary and may be harmful. Patients do not need vitamins or minerals. Natural – What we eat is crucial to our health. Manmade, highly processed, and chemical foods do not meet the needs of the body and can be toxic. Daily supplements are necessary.
Traditional – Crisis treatment of symptoms as disease develops. Treatments consist of chemical drugs, poisonous radiation, surgery, psychiatry and the psycotropic drugs. No concern for long or short term side-effects. Not oriented toward prevention or causes. Natural – Prevention is the main form of disease defense. Finding the causes of the ailments, and removing them by detoxification while maintaining proper nutritional balances is the treatment. Natural foods, herbs and supplements are used for healing. No toxic side effects.
Traditional – Very expensive. Emphasis on licenses, professional personnel, special government regulated facilities, controlled prices, expensive patents, making large amounts of money. All drugs come from labs. Natural – Economical. Natural foods and herbs can not be patented nor monopolized. Much can be do-it-yourself treatments. No expensive facilities, and in most cases the desire of Naturopaths to heal is much greater than the desire for money. Many of the herbal medicines can be grown and prepared at home.
Traditional – Backed by the AMA which controls doctors, hospitals, medical schools, and insurance companies. Also backed by the FDA which controls drug manufacturers, and other special interest groups. Natural – Backed only by courageous alternative thinkers and grass roots organizations that understand the above.
Traditional – They do double blind studies on patients for research. This means that 50% of the sick patients get sugar pills, with no regard for helping them in case the medicine might work! The spin off pharmaceutical companies do horrible testing of their products on the animal kingdom at a great karmic expense. Natural – Never do testing on animals or people. Always strive to the best of their ability to heal each person. They never give sugar pills or do double blind studies.
Traditional – Schooling is very expensive training. Little to no emphasis on cures, prevention or nutrition taught. Many hours spent memorizing chemical drugs, disease names and anatomy parts. Natural – Schooling is inexpensive, and emphasis is on cure and prevention of disease. Disease names not a factor as each person is taken as an individual and their personal symptomatic picture and history is treated.
Traditional – Divided up into many categories of specialists that only deal with a certain part of the anatomy. No consideration that this area might affect another area of the body. Natural – No specialization of anatomical parts. Treats the entire body and understands that it is completely inter-related and co-dependant on all body systems and functions.
Traditional – State of the art medical fields diagnostic equipment. Cat scans, MRI’s, etc., some of which are toxic, painful and aggressive and give inaccurate results, or the results are based on educated guesses. Patients very rarely ever allowed to view results. Everything written in code & hidden from patient. Natural – Use hair analysis to help determine body toxicity levels and malnutrition. Saliva and urine analysis to determine bodies nutritional needs. Live Field microscopy to determine condition of the patients blood. Patients always have access to laboratory results and can watch when microscope analysis is done.


When should you seek traditional healthcare?

You should seek traditional healthcare when you need:

  • Emergency Medical Care
  • Emergency & Reconstructive Surgery
  • Diagnostics in some cases – not all
  • Blood tests to determine some ailments – not all


When should you seek alternative healthcare?

You should seek natural healthcare when you need:

  • Emergency Healing Care
  • Long-term Illness When Eliminating the Illness is Desired
  • Imbalances in the Body
  • Eliminating Toxicity
  • Eliminating Emotional Trauma
  • Correcting the Way Energy Flows Through the Body

Why Choose Optimum Health for your alternative healthcare needs?

At Optimum Health, focus on helping you heal with alternative healthcare methods.  We leave the curing brought on by medicines to the physicians. This means that we try to ensure that your body has what it needs to restore its own health and then we get out of the way and watch as your body brings itself as close to its optimum health status as possible. This is a small difference but it has a huge impact. SEE TESTIMONIALS



Optimum Health ask:


We help your body heal itself.

Curing and healing, what is the difference? At times, curing can be the same as healing.  Curing is a legal term that only the medical establishment is to use.  Curing is typically reserved to an appearance of normalcy brought on by medicines. Healing is a term that has no real legal implications and  can be used by anyone who helps the body to restore health by any means available.

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