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Man Drinking WaterWater Flushes: Flushing the Kidneys with Water

Water flushes rinse the kidneys several times.  Since this is so important to the health of your kidneys, it is important to make sure you are doing it correctly.  The water flush that we suggest to most of our clients at Optimum Health consist of drinking 24-32 ounces of water in as close to 30 minutes as is possible.  This should cause you to have to urinate several times in a row*.   Eventually, your urine should come out nearly as clear as water.  We recommend that you rinse your kidneys daily with at least 2-3 water flushes unless your qualified health professional has limited the amount of water you are to drink.

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*If each water flush does not cause you to urinate several times in a row, stop the water flushes and consult a qualified health professional.  Keep in mind that there are some medical conditions that may require that you be dehydrated.  If you have one of those, then you should consult a qualified health professional before increasing the amount of water you drink.


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