Client Successes

Niesha W., Lupus & Fibrosis of the LungsA young woman with lupus will soon be able to stop taking medicines she’s been dependent on for over a decade.


A young man whose extreme sickness had driven him to the brink of suicide is now healthy and happy to be alive again.


A woman severely weakened by menstrual flow every day for six months stopped bleeding immediately and now feels strong and vibrant again.


Male runnerWith our help, a marathoner shaved two full minutes off his run time.

A physician diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease has healed her brain and regained her mental acuity.


Men and women scheduled for joint replacement have completely healed their knees and hips and no longer need the surgery.


People walk in on canes and, within a week, walk perfectly well without them.


A woman whose physicians had irradiated her thyroid gland no longer needs thyroid replacement hormones because we helped her grow a new one.


Graves Disease, Althea S.Another woman, whose thyroid gland had grown to the point of reaching down between her breasts, reversed that growth by one inch a day.


A man confined to bed with COPD, congestive heart failure, Bell’s palsy, and neuropathy now no longer wishes he was dead and no longer needs 15 medicines.


Many clients no longer take blood pressure medicines because their blood pressure is now normal.


Many other clients no longer suffer from the pain of fibromyalgia, arthritis and similar conditions.

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