Morning Brain Feed

Brain TransmissionsThe morning brain feed can help you be mentally sharp and focused.  The brain feed can best occur when you ingest amino acids without sugar or carbohydrates early in the morning.  Why?  When you awaken in the morning, your blood sugar levels are typically at their lowest for the day since you have not eaten all night long.  Therefore, it will be easier for the amino acids to cross into your brain and go to work as neurotransmitters lighting your brain up with activity as seen to the left.  At other times throughout the day, your blood sugar levels tend to be a bit higher as you eat throughout the day.  Since sugar crosses into the brain much easier than amino acids, this higher blood sugar level makes it harder for amino acids to cross into the brain and accomplish the brain feed.

Therefore, the morning brain feed creates a wonderful opportunity to send amino acids to your brain when the sugar is barely there to interfere with the amino acids crossing into your brain.

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