Male Pattern Baldness: How to Regrow Hair

Male pattern baldness is often thought to be the loss of hair due to genes inherited from ones parents.  We have found it to be the “Service Body Soon” indicators for organs in the body that are stressing.  When you help those organs heal, the hair tends to grow back.  It really can be just that simple.  This could mean that what is inherited is weak organs.  If this is the case, it makes sense to focus on helping the organs heal.  Isn’t this possibility worth investigating!


HAIR LOSS PATTERNS - circulatory 3

Hair Loss: Circulatory Issues

Male Pattern Baldness:
Circulatory System

Male pattern baldness can actually be pointing to possible circulatory issues.  The circulatory pattern can show up in people with congestive heart failure and arterial blockages for example. It is also seen in metal toxicity affecting the circulatory system.  It simply indicates that the heart and/or blood vessels are struggling to function.

Recommendation for Healing:

Detoxification, drinking the proper amount of water and a good supplemental routine.


HAIR LOSS PATTERNS - gall bladder 2HAIR LOSS PATTERNS - gall bladder

Male Pattern Baldness:
Gall Bladder

The hair can be lost in the area near the sideburns when there are issues with the gall bladder.  For example, this can mean that gall stones are present.  Issues with the gall bladder can prevent you from properly digesting your food.  This can lead to serious nutritional deficiency symptoms that will get misdiagnosed as diseases.  Therefore, getting the gall bladder to work properly should be the focus.  The hair growing back will follow.

Recommendation for Healing:

Gall bladder flush.


HAIR LOSS PATTERNS - lungs and kidneysHAIR LOSS PATTERNS - circulatory and lungs

Male Pattern Baldness: Lungs

With male pattern baldness, the lungs can show up in people who smoke, people with lung cancer and various issues with their lungs.  Obviously, the focus here needs to be helping the lungs to heal.  It will be essential to remove toxins that irritate and damage the lungs before the true healing can begin.

Recommendation for Healing:

Detoxification to remove the toxins irritating and damaging the lungs along with a supplemental routine.


HAIR LOSS PATTERNS - kidneys3HAIR LOSS PATTERNS - kidneysMale Pattern Baldness: Kidneys

The kidney pattern can show up when there are issues with the kidneys struggling to function.  This can be the result of drugs such as pain medication.  This can also result from amalgam (silver colored) fillings outgassing mercury which, eventually, damages your kidneys.  Or, this can come from not drinking enough water to rinse your kidneys regularly.

Recommendation for Healing:

Detoxification and  water flushes with a supplemental routine.



Male Pattern Baldness:Protein Digestion

With male pattern baldness, the area on the rear of the crown of the head can go bald.  This usually  happens when the proteins that are eaten are not digested properly.

Recommendation for Healing:

Enzymes containing proteases and complete protein sources.


Hair Loss:HAIR LOSS PATTERNS - lungs kidneys and gall bladder 2

Male Pattern Baldness:Multiple Organ Systems Stressing

This is your typical presentation for male pattern baldness.  This is the pattern that you see when the lungs, kidneys, and circulatory system are all struggling as well as protein digestive issues being present.

Recommendation for Healing:

Detoxification and water flushes with a supplemental routine and enzymes containing proteases.


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