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Constipation Remedies

Man holding stomach due to constipation.

Need Constipation Relief?

You may if straining a part of your bowel movements.

Or if you have fewer than one bowel movement for each meal eaten.

You may if you sit on the commode long enough to decide to read.

Constipation Remedies: Understanding Constipation

Constipation relief starts with understanding constipation.  Clinical constipation refers to going three or more days without having a bowel movement.  However, at Optimum Health anything less than one bowel movement a day falls under constipation.  Why? Well, first consider what happens with less than one bowel movement per meal. Anything less than one bowel movement per meal eaten means that your bowel contents may be sitting in the colon too long where the bowel contents may end up too dry when they are passed.  When too dry, the bowel contents can scrape the lining of your intestines and cause major problems such as hemorrhoids.  Less than one bowel movement per meal can also give the toxins dumped into your intestines a chance to be reabsorbed back into your bloodstream where they can cause problems.  Having less than one bowel movement each DAY drastically increases the possibility and intensity of all of these problems.

Constipation can be caused by not giving your body what it needs to create regular bowel movements.  Your body needs fiber and intestinal microbes for regular bowel movements?


Bowel Movement = 4 Parts Fiber + 6 Parts Intestinal Microbes



Constipation Remedies: Replacing Your Intestinal Flora?

Ice Cream...Enjoy!The intestinal flora can be found all along the wall of your colon.  The intestinal flora consist of a city of microbes that can be replaced very easily and quickly.  Originally, breast milk supported the developing city of microbes called the intestinal flora.  Yogurt not only has the microbes (live active cultures) but it also has the substances needed to nurture the microbes as they develop into the colony of intestinal flora much the way breast milk does.

Therefore, eating yogurt that has plenty of live cultures every day for a few years can have your intestinal flora functional once again. If you want to replace your intestinal flora much faster, you can take a good probiotic capsule (capsule of intestinal microbes) with your yogurt each day until your stool becomes loose.  Initially, the probiotic capsule will give you all the microbes you need for the day.  Once your intestinal flora is established, it will also give you all the microbes you need for the day.  This will cause you to have too many good microbes each day which will cause loose stool.  Therefore, this loose stool signals that your intestinal flora is thriving and producing plenty of microbes and lactase.  That will be a time to celebrate as you  will have succeeded in reestablishing your intestinal flora.


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Constipation Remedies: How can I protect my intestinal flora?

Protecting your intestinal flora is essential.  A high fiber diet is really helpful since good microbes feast on fiber while the bad microbes love refined sugar and animal fat.  Garlic, green tea and ginseng are also helpful in fostering friendly microbes as they contain polyphenols which good bacteria love.  Garlic is especially good as it also helps prevent the growth of bad bacteria.  Eating fermented food such as miso, tempeh and yogurt is a wonderful way to support your intestinal flora.  Bananas, chicory root, onions, leeks, soybeans, sweet potatoes, asparagus and some whole grains help support the colony of good microbes by providing natural sugars (fructooligosaccharides(FOS) and inulin) that the good microbes thrive on.

Again, chemotherapy and antibiotics have the unfortunate side effect of destroying the intestinal flora.  Maintaining a high fiber diet with plenty of miso, tempeh and yogurt while exposing your body to these can help tremendously. Taking our Probiotic capsule with the miso, tempeh or yogurt 2 hours after chemotherapy and/or antibiotics can be extremely helpful. Just as the mother’s breast milk will nurture this dynamic city, yogurt is especially good at supporting and nurturing it also.

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When will I notice relief from my constipation?

Happy CoupleThough each person is different, most of our clients notice relief of nearly all problems within one week of beginning our program.   They are able to go and enjoy some of their favorite foods again!

What if I don’t get relief from my constipation?

You may have something such as an impacted colon which will  prevent the probiotic bacteria from reaching your intestinal lining where it would be able to recolonize.+++

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