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Address: 3112 N Parham Road, Henrico, Virginia 23294
Phone: 804-677-6061
Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center is located in a seven room facility where you enter a warm and refreshing lobby.  Your services will take place in a private consultation room, a cozy detox center, or a soothing energy room.

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  • We Want to Be Your Natural Healthcare Center


    Optimum Health, Natural Healthcare Center is your primary care for natural healthcare. We have certified staff members who are committed to assisting clients nationwide in attaining their optimum health status naturally. We give you the personal touch as we become a part of your team that helps you strive for optimum health. Become a part of our family and heal utilizing traditional, homeopathic, alternative, complimentary and natural methods with health kinesiology, quality supplements and the elimination of toxins with total body cleanses.