The following is a list of definitions for some very important terms and phrases that we use at Optimum Health.  You may want to make these a part of your everyday language as you make your way towards your optimum health status.  Finally, click on any term to see a more detailed definition.

DEFINITIONS: Biomonitoring

Glass test tubes and laboratory microscope on a world map .

Biomonitoring is a type of study that involves the collection of urine, adipose (fat), and blood of people from various population groups to test for the presence and levels of specific substances in the body.  The results provide an interesting record of the chemicals to which a person has been exposed.  The results also indicate which of the chemicals the body retained or processed.  Collectively, these results can be used to determine the overall toxic levels of population groups.

Think of enzymes as the body's scissors.DEFINITIONS: Enzymes

Enzymes are a group of proteins that the body uses to cut things into smaller pieces.  The enzymes are grouped and named for the things that they cut into smaller pieces.  Therefore, digestive enzymes are the enzymes (proteins) that help cut the food you eat into small, tiny pieces.


Vegetables give your body water nutrients and fiber.Fiber, very simply, is the part of your food that you and your good bacteria and other microbes cannot break down and use (digest).  Since this part of your food cannot be digested and used, it will be passed out of your body when you empty your bowels.  Therefore, it will stay in your intestinal tract and help create the urge to go have a bowel movement.  The fiber will also hold onto water and help keep your stool (also called feces and manure) from drying out.

DEFINITIONS: Intestinal Microbes

There are tiny microscopic organisms that live in the intestines and help digest your food.  These microscopic organisms are called microbes and consist of bacteria and fungi.  Additionally, they are considered good microbes since they help:

  • Intestinal Tract, Labeled

    Digest your food.

  • Keep bad microbes from taking over your intestines.
  • Keep moisture in your stool.
  • Bulk up your stool and lead to an urge to pass your bowels.

DEFINITIONS: Intestinal Tract

The intestinal tract is a long tube that begins at your mouth and ends at your anus where you pass your bowel movements.  The first part of this is the esophagus which is a tube that runs from your mouth to your stomach.  This digestive tract also has another section called the small intestines that runs from your stomach to the large intestines.  The large intestine, also called the colon, extends to your anus as shown below.


DEFINITIONS: Morning Brain Feed

Brain showing activity.When you awaken in the morning, your blood sugar levels are typically fairly low since you have not eaten all night long.  This creates a wonderful opportunity to send amino acids to your brain when the sugar is barely there to interfere with the amino acids actually getting into your brain.

Therefore, the morning brain feed occurs when you ingest amino acids without sugar or carbohydrates early in the morning when it will be easiest for them to cross into your brain and go to work as neurotransmitters.  Or, you can ingest the whole protein shortly before bed and they will be available early in the morning as well.

DEFINITIONS: Neurotransmitters

Neurotransmitters are the tiny nutrients, such as amino acids and B vitamins, as well as a few other substances used by the brain to communicate with itself.  The brain also uses neurotransmitters to communicate with various parts of your body.

DEFINITIONS: Optimum Health

Mother with BabyOptimum health is the point at which the body has a minimum level of toxins and maximized nutrient levels that are balanced.  Minimizing toxins and maximizing nutrients provides an opportunity for your organs to function at peak capacity.  Further, an individual’s optimum health status is that point at which they are as close to their healthiest state that their body will allow.

DEFINITIONS: Optimum Health Status

An individual’s optimum health status is that point at which they are as close to optimum health as their body will allow.

Toxins loaded up for removal!

Toxin Dumping Mode

When a person does a process such as the total body detoxification, the body will release or “dump” the toxin.  It appears that when this is done a few times close together, the body realizes that it no longer has to store and hide the toxins.  Instead, it seems that the body begins to actively dump toxins into the bloodstream to be removed from the body.   We call this “toxin dumping mode”.


man drinking water

Definitions: Water Flushing

Water flush is the term used at Optimum Health to refer to drinking enough water to cause one to urinate several times in a row.  This will, in effect, rinse the blood and kidneys of many toxins.  This is extremely helpful when a person is doing the total body detoxification process.


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