Food allergies and seasonal allergies are both incomplete immune responses. So, when you say you are allergic to a particular food or possibly pollen, you are just saying that your body does not give a complete immune response to that food or pollen. There are many different ways that the body can give the incomplete response so it can look very different. Look at the pictures of allergic reactions below. Remember, each picture of the allergic reactions below starts with the same problem, an incomplete immune response due to one or more missing amino acids.

Allergic ReactionsAllregies - Intradermal Skin TestAllergies - Man Coughing


Understanding Food and Seasonal Allergy Responses

The food and seasonal allergy response usually involves an over production of histamine.  Why?  At Optimum Health, we think it is due to the body trying to compensate for the amino acids that are missing.  So if you don’t have enough of this amino acid or that amino acid, the body seems to compensate by making extra histamine.  The excessive histamine is responsible for the runny nose, the itchy skin, the sneezing , watery eyes, reddened skin and much more.

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Allergy Remedy: Healing from Allergies with Protein

Healing from allergies is simply a matter of giving your body plenty of complete protein sources each day.  Complete proteins have all eight of the amino acids that your body cannot make.  Once you get those eight, you can make the rest of the 22 amino acids needed to give a complete immune response and eliminate allergies in most cases.  It really is just that simple!

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