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1. The health continuum is a straight up and down line indicating the path from healthy to sick and from sick to healthy.  (True or False)

True.  The health continuum is the line that represents everyone in this country stacked on top of one another with the sickest at the bottom and the healthiest at the top.

Health Continuum

2. It is normal for an American to be healthy.   (True or False)

False – It is normal for an American to be somewhere in the middle which is unhealthy though there may not be any outward signs of illness.  That is why we sell so many pain killers and cold medicines.   Americans rank somewhere near the 32nd country for level of health though Americans spend more money in the health industry than any other country in the world.

3. It is not possible to push yourself up the health continuum.  (True or False)

False – There are many things you can do to push yourself up the health continuum.  If you are not actively pushing yourself up, then you are allowing yourself to fall down it to eventually reach some diseased state.


Health Continuum - Will You Push Yourself Up?

4. Which of the following are things we can do to push ourselves up the health continuum?

A) Eat healthy, certified organic foods.
B) Take supplements every day.
C) Exercise regularly.
D) All of the above.

D – All of the above. If the foods are not CERTIFIED organic, they may have had radiation passed over them to preserve them.  The radiation destroys their enzymes.  Our produce has been nutritionally deficient since the 1950’s.  Therefore, it is necessary to add some of the nutrients back to our diet with supplements.  Exercising, once your body is ready for it, can strengthen your body and improve your sense of well-being.

5. Your doctor’s job is to push you up the health continuum and keep you healthy.  (True or False)

False – Your doctor’s job is to assist you once you allow yourself to enter the diagnosable diseased area of the health continuum.  Your doctor does not have a job to do until then and there is a good reason for that.  A doctor usually does procedures and administers medicines that can have very harmful side affects.  You do not want to be cut open or put on medicines that can harm your kidneys and/or liver unless it is absolutely necessary.  Therefore, when the problems first arise, your doctor will not go into action until it is bad enough to justify his methods.  Unfortunately, this means that there is a period of time where the problem is present but not being addressed.  This is where the assistance of your natural health practitioner can be very helpful and possibly prolong or prevent you from ever entering the area of diagnosable diseased.

6. Your natural health practitioner’s job is to help keep you healthy.  (True or False)

Absolutely!  Your natural health practitioner can go to work wherever you are on the health continuum helping you to push yourself up towards vibrant health.  There are various purely scientific methods that can be used.  As with selecting a doctor, make sure you select someone that has been trained and has proven success for pushing clients up the health continuum.




7. Your job is to keep you healthy.  (True or False)

True – The only way to push yourself up the health continuum is by taking responsibility for your health.  If you don’t take on the responsibility of keeping yourself healthy, then you may simply slide down the health continuum until you enter a diseased state and GIVE a doctor a job to do.

8. What you eat has no bearing on your placement on the health continuum.  (True or False)

False – Five of the top ten killer diseases are due to nutritional deficiencies.  Put the proper nutrients in and all five of these diseases would disappear pushing many people back up the health continuum.

9. When a doctor tells you that you are fine, he means that you are healthy.  (True or False)

False – When a doctor says you are fine, it simply means that you are not sick enough for him to give a name to your symptoms.  Though you may be unhealthy, the doctor’s statement legally means that it is not his job to offer you any warnings, treatment or test at that time.  For example, a heart surgeon may tell you that you are fine even though your heart’s blood vessels might be 45% blocked.  Why, because it is not his job to do anything at that time.


If you had no more than one wrong, pat yourself on the back!  You know the basics!

If you missed more than one, you might want to consider using one of our many services listed below to educate yourself.


You completed the quiz!


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