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 Do you feel tired and drained?

 Do you find yourself sitting wondering what happened to your energy?

Your diet could be the problem.  Without the proper fuel your body, as with any other “machine” will begin to drag and slow down.

How Much Can You Feed Your Sweet Tooth?

Sugars found naturally in fruits and milk are not a problem. It is the added sugars that need to be limited because they provide calories but few vitamins and minerals. You’ll find sugar-laden food at the top of the Food Pyramid. Added sugars can be found in soft drinks, candy, jams, jellies, syrups and table sugar we add to coffee and cereal. Added sugar can also appear in sweetened yogurt, soups, spaghetti sauces, applesauce and other items where you wouldn’t suspect it unless you check the list of ingredients.

Here are some guidelines for added sugar based on calories in the daily food choices:

  • 1,600 calories – Limit sugar to 6 teaspoons per day or 22 grams per day
  • 2,200 calories – Limit sugar to 12 teaspoons per day or 44 grams per day
  • 2,800 calories – Limit sugar to 18 teaspoons per day or 66 grams per day

So if the food label on your sweetened yogurt says a one-cup serving contains 22 grams of sugar, and your meal plan has 1,600 calories a day, the yogurt will give you your whole day’s allotment of sugar.


Your Diet and Your Health:

At Optimum Health we do not diagnose or treat disease.  Instead, we look for the root of the problem.  We check for symptoms of improper digestion, nutritional deficiency, and toxicity.  When you dig deep, find and correct these, you uproot many problems.   Problems like chronic fatigue simply disappear as the body is fully able to fuel movement.  Optimum Health gives your body the opportunity to remove excessive toxins and use high quality supplements and vitamins to fuel this healing process.

Food is medicine. Fill your prescription in the kitchen!
There is plenty of research that supports the fact that poor nutrition, improper digestion and various forms of toxicity can rob you of your precious energy and health.  Simply consider that the majority of the top ten killer diseases are nutritional deficiency diseases!

The Food Pyramid

Your body should have the ability to break down and use the healthy food you eat and burn it as fuel.  Sometimes the problem lies here.  Adding enzymes, probiotics and fiber to help the body properly break down food can help tremendously.

Consider the Following in Addition to Your Healthy Food Choices:

Supplementing with Vitamins, Minerals and Protein:

In today’s society, it is hard to maintain a high quality diet.  Therefore, taking supplements (vitamins, minerals and protein drinks) to increase your nutrient intake become critical.  This can also cause your energy level to soar.

Decreasing Your Nutritional Requirements:

Managing your toxic load can require the use of a lot nutrients that would have otherwise been used for energy.  As more and more of your energy gets rerouted to deal with your toxic load, your energy level can drop significantly.  It seems that most of our clients with chronic fatigue have an excessive amount of toxins.

The  cellular detoxification, seen above, allows your body to remove massive amounts of toxins.  This will drastically decrease the need to manage and store toxins.  Therefore, decreasing the energy needed to manage and store toxins.  This will  free up major amounts of energy.  This energy can return to being used in ways that will make you feel vibrant.

We have assisted many satisfied clients with chronic fatigue for over a decade.  We constantly hear them say, “My energy now soars like you would not believe!”

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