Heavy Period Bleeding

Female Experiencing Menstrual CrampsHeavy period bleeding can be caused by a vitamin A deficiency.  Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A which is used to help minimize the flow of blood during your period.  So, if your bleeding is too heavy, there is a strong chance that you simply do not have enough vitamin A to minimize the bleeding.

Stop Heavy Period Bleeding with

You really can stop heavy bleeding during your period by increasing your beta-carotene (not vitamin A directly as it can be harmful).  How?  One of the best ways to stop heavy bleeding during your period with beta-carotene is to drink carrot juice.  You can add some orange juice to your carrot juice for flavor if you like.  Drinking 8 ounces of carrot juice (with or without additional orange juice) can stop your bleeding in as little as 15 minutes.

“I had been bleeding for 6 months.  My physicians had tried everything.  I was weak and struggling.  I came to Optimum Health and did as they suggested.  I stopped bleeding in 2 hours!”
M. Fuller, Richmond, Virginia

Though stopping heavy bleeding during your period with carrot juice works quickly, it usually doesn’t stop the bleeding for long.  So adding a beta-carotene supplement with the juice is what we suggest.  Take 4 Bright Eyes by Herbal Healer with your juice.  When taken by itself, it takes the Bright Eyes about 45 minutes to enter your blood and stop the bleeding.   Note that this is one of those supplements that it is hard to find brands that work so we suggest that you use Herbal Healer’s Bright Eyes or be very careful how you choose.  If the supplement you chose doesn’t work for you, assume the brand is the problem.
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CARROTS-AND-SWEET-POTATOESWhich foods help stop heavy periods?

Foods that help stop heavy bleeding during your period are the foods rich in beta-carotene.  So make sure you eat plenty of them during your menstrual cycle.  Which foods are these?  So glad you asked!  Try eating some sweet potatoes.  You can bake them or cook them into puddings, pies and souffles.   Other foods that are rich in beta-carotene and help stop heavy bleeding during your period are carrots, cantaloupe, spirulina, and dark green leafy vegetable.

What makes heavy period bleeding worse?

Excessive SugarEating sugar can make heavy bleeding during your period worse!  Eating the sugar while being sedentary during your period can cause insulin to be released.  Insulin, indirectly, increases your bleeding during your period.  Sugar can cause such heavy menstrual bleeding that the blood may gush out and cause quite an embarrassing and scary situation.

Sugar has made some of our clients begin to bleed heavily within a matter of minutes after it is eaten.  Monitor your sugar intake and see if you tend to have heavier bleeding after eating it.  You may find it helpful to minimize your sugar/carbohydrate intake when you have your period.

B vitamins are helpful with heavy bleeding during your period because they decrease sugar cravings.  If you just have to have some sugar, put plenty of fiber with it to cause it to enter you bloodstream slowly.  Then take your B vitamins to try to stop the sugar cravings from returning.  Doing this can prevent the excessive bleeding or keep it from being prolonged. Your body requires a good multivitamin to go with the B Vitamins.  You body also requires all of the B vitamins in order for this to work as they work in concert with one another.  Of hundreds of brands tested, we have only found 3 brands of B vitamins that we have found to actually work well: New Sun’s B-Complex, Herbal Healer’s B-100 and Shaklee’s B-Complex.

“I feel like a miracle has happened!”
Mamantha, India


When do I seek professional assistance with heavy periods?

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHPHeavy bleeding during your period can cause excessive blood loss and many other symptoms if not handled properly.  We suggest you consider immediate assistance if blood is gushing, if you are beginning to look pale or feel weak.  If you tend to have heavy bleeding during your period regularly, then monitoring the possibility of anemia would also be a good idea.  In these situations, you may need to do more than just stop the bleeding.  Keep in mind that with each once of blood loss precious nutrients were also lost.  Therefore, you may need more than assistance with building up your blood levels.  You may also need assistance with building your nutrient levels back up.


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