Vaccines and Autism

Vaccines and autism are finally being linked together!

Needle for VaccinationPharmaceutical companies put thimerosal, a form of mercury, in some vaccines.  In fact, the evidence now points to the possibility of the thimerosal causing problems such as autism.

Though Robert F Kennedy Jr. is very much in favor of vaccinations, he is strongly speaking out against mercury in vaccines.  He is an attorney making makes a very strong case.  He connects vaccines and autism very nicely.  Kennedy stresses the fact that autism did not exist until the 1980’s.  At that time, the number of mercury vaccinations increased significantly.  This caused young children to be exposed to amounts 400 times more than what is considered safe!  Watch the videos below.  Then, notice that “autism-like symptoms” is the phrase used.  Indeed, this is as close as the CDC is willing to come to saying that there is a link between vaccines and autism.  Fortunately, that is close enough.





Why don’t vaccinations give every child autism?

At Optimum Health we noticed a pattern.  All of the children who developed autism shortly after getting vaccinated fell into a few categories.  First and foremost, we noticed that they had already been exposed to large amounts of mercury.  This exposure usually happened prior to birth.  For example, the mother may have had amalgams in her mouth.  Or, she may have been eating a lot of seafood while she was pregnant.  The exposure may have continued after birth with the child eating a lot of seafood.  In some cases, the child’s environment is the source of the additional mercury.  Therefore, we have come to see vaccines as the feather that breaks the camels back!

Vaccines and Autism: Recovery is Possible

Vaccines lead to autism. Recovery is possible.  It is just that simple.  At Optimum Health we use chlorella and the specialized equipment to allow your body to remove these harmful metals.   Our clients say they feel lighter, more vibrant and they can think better.  They begin to lose the hardened aged look that toxic loads can cause.  Many begin to lose large amounts of unwanted fat that had accumulated to store the metals.

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