Earthing or Grounding

Earthing - Grounding

What is Earthing or Grounding?

Earthing or grounding can be a simple case of walking barefoot on a beach or in the grass.  Think of the earth as a big magnet.  Magnets pass forces to other things to attract or repel them.  In a similar manner, the earth passes its forces through us when we connect with it.  So, earthing/grounding is simply reconnecting with the earth in such a way that the earth’s energy forces flow through you.  This may seem new and strange to you.  However, it is neither a new concept or strange.  The Native Americans have been using this  concept for healing for centuries.

Americans have been using the concept of grounding in their homes for over 50 years.  In 1968, it became a requirement for all three-pronged electrical sockets in homes to be connected to the earth to allow the earth to drain excess electricity from appliances.  When you are connected to the earth, it will do the same for you.



Sleeping Grounded

To sleep grounded, of course you can put a tent in your back yard and lay directly on the grass. Or, you can simply place a grounding sheet over your mattress.  Then you connect the sheet to a grounding wire that runs into a grounding outlet in your home or runs out of a window or door to a rebar in the ground.  The Earthing or Grounding Sheet allows you to sleep grounded all night long.

Clinton Oberlin’s research and our clients have reported the following benefits of sleeping grounded:

  • Ulcers healing in a few days.
  • Sleep disturbances corrected.
  • Carpel Tunnel subsiding in minutes.
  • Cortisol levels normalizing in one night.
  • Joint pain subsiding in one night.
  • Necrotic tissue healing in a matter of weeks.


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