Traditional or Alternative Healthcare?

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What is Traditional Healthcare?

What we now call traditional healthcare is actually a new form of healthcare.  It’s goal is to detect and manage diseases with medicines and surgeries.  Many years ago, traditional healthcare held medicines and surgeries as a last resort when less drastic measures failed.

Natural Health Practitioner performing iridology examWhat is Alternative Healthcare?

Alternative healthcare is what is practiced at Optimum Health.  We leave the curing brought on by medicines to the physicians and focus on assisting your body with healing. This means that we try to ensure that your body has what it needs to restore its own health and then we get out of the way and watch as your body brings itself as close to its optimum health status as possible. This is a small difference but it has a huge impact. SEE TESTIMONIALS


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Traditional or alternative healthcare…which is the right one for your needs?

The traditional and the alternative healthcare ideals have been at odds for many decades.  Therefore, it is essential that you look at each approach and make an informed decision for your healthcare approach.  Indeed, your very life may depend it.

Basic Beliefs:

Traditional – The AMA teaches medical doctors that the body is part of an evolutionary process.  Therefore, some organs are left overs from evolution and so can be removed without significant loss.

Natural – The designed of the body should be respected.  All of the organs are necessary and provide a valuable function. The organs are all interrelated and needed for whole-body health.


Chiropractic AdjustmentTraditional – Education has little to no emphasis on cures, prevention or nutrition. Many hours are spent memorizing chemical drugs, disease names and anatomy parts.  Disease names are important since the goal is to identify the name.  Then, the goal becomes managing the symptoms associated with that name.

Natural – Education emphasizes healing and prevention of disease. Disease names are not a factor as the goal is to trace the symptoms back to their root cause so it can be eliminated.


Traditional – The food we eat, toxins we ingest, poisons we use on lawns and home have no effect on our health.   Also, the air and water are not relevant to health issues. Natural food is a fad. Even the best food supplements are not necessary and may be harmful. Patients do not need vitamins or minerals.

Natural – What we eat is crucial to our health. Man made, highly processed, and chemical foods do not meet the needs of the body and can be toxic. Daily supplements are necessary.


Amber Terrell, MSFocus:

Traditional – Crisis treatment of symptoms as disease develops. Treatments consist of chemical drugs, poisonous radiation, surgery, psychiatry and the psychotropic drugs. No concern for long or short term side-effects. Not oriented toward prevention or causes.

Natural – Prevention is the main form of disease defense. Finding the causes of the ailments, and removing them by detoxification while maintaining proper nutritional balances is the treatment. Natural foods, herbs and supplements are used for healing. No toxic side effects.


Traditional – Divided up into many categories of specialists that only deal with a certain part of the anatomy. No consideration that this area might affect another area of the body.

Natural – No specialization of anatomical parts. Treats the entire body and understands that it is completely inter-related and co-dependant on all body systems and functions.



Medicine doctor hand working with modern computer interface.Traditional – The traditional healthcare system offers drugs that come from labs.  It also offers invasive surgeries.  We need these modalities.  The unfortunate aspect is that this system allows the festering of the body.  This festering continues until the body gets bad enough to justify these drastic modalities.  Another unfortunate aspect is that the goal of these modalities is often just to manage the body’s ailments and not eliminate them.  Scientist must prove the safety of these modalities in great detail to prevent the regular killing of people.  Also, scientist must prove the efficacy in great detail to ensure that the harm that these modalities will do is worth the benefit that they offer.Food is medicine. Fill your prescription in the kitchen!

Natural – Offers natural foods, herbs and supplements. Many things can be do-it-yourself treatments. Beware that the practitioner is not using herbal medicines just to manage the body’s ailments just as with the traditional modalities.  Actually, the goal should be to spring into action long before assigning a medical diagnosis to the body’s developing ailment.  At that time, the goal should be to eliminate the ailment and not just manage it.  These modalities tend not to be capable of killing people.  Therefore, there is no need to prove their safety in great detail to keep from killing people.  Their proof of safety and efficacy tends to occur as large numbers of people use the morality and get consistent results.



Traditional – State of the art medical fields diagnostic equipment. Cat scans, MRI’s, etc., some of which are toxic, painful and aggressive.  Many things are written in code & hidden from patient.

Natural – Use hair analysis to help determine body toxicity levels and malnutrition. Saliva and urine analysis to determine bodies nutritional needs. Live Field microscopy to determine condition of the patients blood. Major effort is made by natural healthcare to ensure that clients can understand everything easily.


American Medical AssociationSupport:

Traditional – Backed by the AMA which controls doctors, hospitals, medical schools, and insurance companies. Also backed by the FDA which controls drug manufacturers, and other special interest groups.  Also, pharmaceutical companies back traditional methods that make a lot of money from the drugs sold.  Since so much money is made in traditional healthcare, major advertising modalities such as television, magazines and radio stations are affordable.  Certified Natural Health Professional's LogoThese advertising campaigns mold people’s thinking to convince them that traditional methods are necessary and the only way to approach their ailments.

Natural – Backed only by courageous alternative thinkers and grass roots organizations that understand the need to try and help the body heal.  Since very little money is made in comparison to traditional healthcare, natural healthcare cannot undertake advertising campaigns to help people see the value of these modalities.


When should you seek traditional healthcare?

You should seek traditional healthcare when you need:

  • Emergency medical care.
  • Emergency and reconstructive surgery.
  • Diagnostics in some cases – not all.
  • Blood tests to determine how the body is dealing with some ailments – not all.


When should you seek alternative healthcare?

You should seek natural healthcare when you need:

  • Emergency healing care in some cases to see if more drastic modalities can be avoided.
  • Long-term illness when desiring to eliminate the illness.
  • Imbalances in the body.
  • To eliminate toxicity to be physically healthy and prevent the need for traditional medications.
  • To eliminate emotional trauma to be mentally healthy and prevent the need for traditional medications.
  • Correcting the way energy flows through the body to be physically healthy and prevent the need for traditional medications.

Why Choose Optimum Health for your alternative healthcare needs?

At Optimum Health, focus on helping you heal with alternative healthcare methods.  We leave the curing brought on by medicines to the physicians. This means that we try to ensure that your body has what it needs to restore its own health and then we get out of the way and watch as your body brings itself as close to its optimum health status as possible. This is a small difference but it has a huge impact. SEE TESTIMONIALS



Optimum Health ask:


We help your body heal itself.

Curing and healing, what is the difference? At times, curing can be the same as healing.  Curing is a legal term that only the medical establishment is to use.  Legally, one must reserve curing to an appearance of normalcy brought on by medicines. In contrast, there are no real implications for the term healing.  Anyone who helps the body to restore health by any means available can use the terms heal and healing.

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