Drinking Water Decreases Wrinkles

water before and afterDrinking water decreases wrinkles along with many other benefits.   As you can see in the picture on the left, drinking water decreases wrinkles and makes you look younger. Look at the wrinkles in the area around the eye lashes.   The wrinkles at her eyes nearly disappeared after she drank the correct amount of water for four weeks and eliminated her dehydrated state.  This before and after picture is floating around the internet. We decided to share it here because it is an excellent example of how drinking water can make you look better.


Protein Deficiency, Before and AfterWe recognize that more water is needed at Optimum Health.  However, we also recognize that the best way to increase your water intake is to increase your complete protein intake.  This will increase the brain’s signal for thirst driving the increased water intake.  Complete proteins will also increase the collagen under your skin.  This will tighten and smooth the wrinkles and give the appearance of a chemical peel by thinning out overly thickened skin.  This is what happened in the picture above.

Look at her lips and note that she is not smiling.  Her hanging cheeks have been lifted by the increased collagen giving the appearance of a smile at her cheeks.  Even the skin that is hanging below her jaw line has been lifted.  Finally, note the depth of the grooves of her wrinkles is drastically decreased by the collagen smoothing the wrinkles and thinning the skin.  But also by the increased water filling in underneath the skin.  How long did it her before and after take?


Not Drinking Water Increases Wrinkles

Not drinking enough water can increase your wrinkles. Why?  When you don’t drink enough water you don’t have enough water under your skin.  This lack of water causes the skin to deflate causing wrinkles.   Think of a balloon full of water.  If you let enough of the water out of the water balloon, it begins to shrivel up and get waves.  The balloon will become very wrinkled if enough of the water is let out of the balloon.  The same is true for the skin.  Drinking the correct amount of water will fill up the space under the skin eliminating the wrinkles.  This really shows the power of fueling the body correctly.  Give your body the water it needs and thrive!

Before increasing your water, consider whether or not it is safe for you to increase your water. Keep in mind that there are some medical conditions that may require that you be dehydrated.  Consult a qualified health professional before increasing the amount of water you drink if you have or suspect that you have a condition that might be affected by increasing your water intake to the proper amount.  Also consider  when to drink your water and what type of water you will drink.

For more information on the before and after pictures above, go to: http://www.butterbin.com/woman-started-drinking-3-litres-water-day-results-shocking/


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