kidney with adreanal glandsYes, natural menopause relief can make menopause symptom free.  Dr. Clark says, “First, your brain receives information from your surroundings along with internal feedback from your body. Then, if there’s a need for increased hormone output, your brain signals your adrenals and/or ovaries to respond accordingly. [During the menopausal years] …if your adrenals aren’t functioning properly, they’re unable to replace the hormones your body needs to offset [decreased] ovarian production.”

Hmmm…what are the adrenals anyway?

The adrenal are two glands that consist of fatty pieces of tissue that sit just above the kidneys. They are the master stress glands going to work producing the hormones needed to keep your body ready to deal with stressful situations. If they are so over worked dealing with a lot of stress, they won’t have anything left to deal with your decreased hormones from your ovaries. If they don’t kick in to help out when the ovaries decrease hormone production, issues arise. What type of issues? You can start have hot flashes, dry and flaky skin, decreased vaginal fluids, thinning hair and much more.



PROTEIN is definitely needed for menopause relief! All hormones are nothing but a particular type of protein. If you are going to make the adrenal hormones correctly, you will have to have plenty of what they are made of, PROTEIN!

The best sources will be eggs, beans (such as lentils) with whole grain rice, beans with raw sesame seeds, and Optimum You, Superfood Protein Drink (sold only at our center). Be careful with protein supplements as most of them are severely contaminated with heavy metals like mercury and lead.


Once menopause ensues, the adrenal glands use a lot of vitamin E to begin making the hormones needed to compensate for the decrease in ovarian hormones. This increase in hormone production will do everything that the ovaries did except cause a menstrual flow. Isn’t that a beautiful thing!

Vitamin E can be found in wheat germ, fish and spinach. Most vitamin E supplements work. So, just pick one. Though you may need as much as 24,000 IU’s a day, don’t go over 800 IU’s without the assistance of a qualified health professional. Why? Because more vitamin E than you need can cause major health issues.


Your B vitamins are your happy vitamins. They also assist in the production of hormones. These two thing make them essential during menopause. Keep in mind that B vitamins need a good multivitamin to do their job well. Also, there are very few brands of B vitamins that actually work.

Your intestinal flora is your best source of B vitamins. So make sure you have plenty of flora in your gut by eating yogurt and possibly taking a good probiotic with it. Most probiotics work quite well, so just pick one. There are only 4 B vitamins brands that we have found to actually work. We make 2 of them available at our center.  Food sources are spinach, fish, lentils and asparagus.


If your adrenal glands are over worked due to a stressful lifestyle (what female doesn’t have a stressful lifestyle?), they can sometimes get stuck in full throttle. In these cases, they need to be relaxed. Adrenal balance will relax them. This product has lots of licorice and ginseng that gently soothe the adrenal glands.



Your best foods for menopause, based on the suggestions given above,  are going to be spinach, lentils and fish.

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