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DR. ANDREW  J. MELCHERT, D.C.Chiropractic care adjust your bones and muscles to keep your bones aligned properly.  This allows your brain to communicate with all the other parts of your body.  As a result, chiropractic care keeps the brain in control as it should be.  If your brain is not able to communicate with the rest of you, you can have a host of the following symptoms.

Chiropractic Care and Sinus Issues

Chiropractic care lets your brain tell your sinuses how to deal with all of the germs that come through the area.  If your brain cannot tell your sinuses how to keep themselves clean, then you can have chronic sinus problems and even headaches. Both the chronic sinus problems and headaches can be eliminated by chiropractic care.

Chiropractic Care and Bladder Issues

Chiropractic care lets your brain tell your bladder what to do.   For example, if your brain cannot tell your bladder muscles to squeeze to keep the urine inside, you can have trouble holding your urine and this is called incontinence.  If your brain cannot ell your bladder when to empty itself then you can have the urge to urinate at times when there is very little that needs to be released.


Chiropractic Care and Various Pains

DR. ANDREW  J. MELCHERT, D.C.Chiropractic care prevents your spinal bones from pressing on nerves that would start firing signals due to the pressure the bone is putting on the nerve.  This signal generated by the bone pressing on the nerve could cause you to think that something is hurting when it isn’t actually hurting.   This can cause you to experience pains such as  shooting leg pains, migraine headaches and much more.

It is very important to always keep the lines of communication between your brain and the rest of your body open.  Make it a habit to see a chiropractor a minimum of several times a year.

Our preferred chiropractor is Dr. Andrew J. Melchert, D.C. and our clients agree!





What if Chiropractic Care Does Not Help?

At times chiropractic care does not help when one would think that it should.  It may be helpful to consider some of the following possibilities.

How your foot touches the ground

Your foot must touch the ground properly or nothing above it will be able to stay in its proper place.  Think of a stack of dishes being balanced on someone’s finger.  It will be very difficult to keep the dishes from toppling over.  In a similar manner your body is trying to balance your body on two feet that are much like the finger.  Quite often a person’s feet just do not touch the ground in a way that supports this balancing.  Foot Solutions is a great place to go to get help with this.  The initial assessment is usually free so you have nothing to lose!

The strength of your muscles along your spine

Once the chiropractor puts your bones in place, your muscles must be strong enough to hold  them there.  Damaged or weak muscles can cause your chiropractic adjustments not to last very long.

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