Certified Detoxification Specialist Course Sampling

Our certified detoxification specialist course sampling is below.  It will give you the answer to those tough questions that you and your clients have been wondering about.  In other words, stop telling your clients you don’t know the answers.  Likewise, stop telling your clients no one knows the answers.  Indeed, Optimum Health’s certified detoxification specialist course will help you start giving your clients intelligent answers.  The answers will make sense to your clients.  The answers will also make you look like an outstanding, fully informed professional.

Detoxification Specialist Certification Part 1 Sampling

Below is a sampling of the first part of the certified detoxification specialist course.  It will teach you about the natural health network available to you and your clients.  This portion of the certified detoxification specialist course will also teach you about the equipment.  You will learn how the equipment interacts with the human body as well.  This sampling will also teach you how to understand what the resulting detox water can tell you about the client’s body.  You will also learn how to use detox water results to make suggestions to your clients.  These suggestions will help your clients recognize what their body is asking for.  As a result of this process, your clients will comply most of the time.


Detoxification Specialist Certification Part 2 Sampling

Below is a sampling of the second part of the certified detoxification specialist course.  In fact, it will give you a sampling of how we will teach you to interact with clients in a professional manner.  You will also learn wording for your answers that will get your clients to take action rather than listen and not follow through.  Actually, your clients will be impress with your answers.  Indeed, this sampling will help you see just how effectively you can help your clients reach for their optimum health status.

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