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Healthy, Happy WomanEmotional Release  Therapy (ERT) identifies emotions that are preventing your happiness.  These emotions may be from a previous time period.  In fact, they may continue to color your view of the present.  These emotions are present in energy frequencies.  To illustrate, think of the radio frequencies used to transmit sound through the air.  As a result, the frequency used to keep transmitting the emotions to you can be eliminated.  Indeed, identifying these emotions can allow us to eliminate them.  Indeed, this will leave you feeling liberated!  In all honesty, that is exactly why we call it emotional release.   Release the emotional frequency.  Then, experience the here and now without the harmful coloring that these emotions can inflict.

Examples of Emotional Release Therapy

Woman with Emotional Struggles

EXAMPLE 1: An experience that was very traumatic to you such as a car accident can cause strong emotions like fear to be experienced and the energy frequency for this emotion can get “trapped”.  The “trapping” of this fear can cause you to struggle with a tendency to experience fear very easily especially with respect to driving or riding in an automobile.  You can pass the frequency for this fear on to children born after the original experience.  It would be an inherited emotion for that child.  After liberating the emotion, it will never feel it again.  Liberate it before you have children and you can never pass them on as inherited emotions.

EXAMPLE 2:  Finding out that your spouse has been committing adultery can cause you to experience issues with anger and trusting people.  The frequency for these emotional issues can become “trapped” causing you to have unfounded issues with anger and trusting people in future relationships.    Again, you can pass these emotions on to children you have afterwards.  After liberating the frequencies  unwanted emotions, our clients make statements such as,

“I feel so…I feel soooo much lighter and free!” 
Virginia M., Richmond, Virginia

“The results of this process are AWESOME!” 
Layth S., Richmond, Virginia

“WOW!  This is better than 100 psychology and psychiatric sessions.” 
Darla M., Richmond, Virginia


Emotional Release Therapy and Addiction

Emotional Release Therapy (ERT) aims to liberate the emotions, such as fear and lack of trust in the above examples, that were “trapped”. Liberating these emotions will cut the ties that allow those emotions to continue to color your present view of life.  In this way, Emotional Release Therapy can eliminate the tendency to struggle with unpleasant, unproductive emotions.

At times, it is the attempt to block out these emotions that drives a person to consume alcoholic beverages or other drugs excessively.  Once the frequency for these emotions are released the emotional struggles end.  Therefore, the alcohol and other drugs are no longer needed to try to escape.

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What Happens in an Emotional Release Therapy Session?

Your emotional release therapist will act as a human lie detector making a series of statements and checking to see if your body indicates  whether each statement is true or false.  An analysis of the results of the true and false responses will indicate the order in which the emotions are ready to be released .  You will be asked to think about each emotion and the people or situations that bring that emotion up for you.  As you are experiencing the emotion, the governing vessel meridian is used to liberate the emotion.

Clients tend to feel a sense of relief, happiness or tranquility once the emotions have been released .  In fact, some clients don’t seem to notice any difference right away.  Indeed, all notice major changes in the way they respond in various situations in as little as one hour!


Young stress free couple.


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