Kidney Pain

Kidney Pain Referred to BackKidney pain is referred to the sides of the lower back as shown in the picture to the left.  The main things to consider if you are feeling referred kidney pain are lack of water, kidney infection,  kidney stones and kidney failure.  Considering natural remedies that have no negative side effects before considering medicines and surgeries that come with substantial negative side effects.

Kidney Pain: Dehydration

The kidneys constantly filter toxins from your blood.  This puts them in a very toxic environment.  As a result, they need a lot of plain water to filter the toxins and be flushed clean several times a day.  If you don’t drink enough water, you become dehydrated.  By the time you are dehydrated, the kidneys can be sitting in toxic waste that will damage them and cause them to hurt.  You typically feel kidney pain that comes with dehydration in the lower sides of the back as depicted in the picture.  Therefore, when experiencing kidney pain, the first thing to do, if you are healthy enough to do so, is to flush your kidneys.  Next, notice if the water flush decreases or stops your referred kidney pain.  If your pain is due to dehydration, the pain should stop once you flush the kidneys and urinate a few times.  If the water flush helps, then you may want to make a habit of drinking the proper amount of water.  This will prevent dehydration.  Start flushing your kidneys daily to help keep them healthy.  You  may also want to ask yourself “Why you don’t drink enough water?

Kidney InfectionKidney Pain: Kidney Infection

When the kidney pain is due to an infection, there will be a microbe such as some type of bacteria present.  In this case, drinking enough water to flush the kidneys and urinate a few times will NOT stop the kidney pain.  If the water flush does not stop your kidney pain, we recommend Optimum You colloidal silver according to the instructions that come with your order.    Optimum You colloidal silver has a strength of 200+ ppm while most other colloidal silvers are only 5-50 ppm.  As a result, Optimum You colloidal silver is strong enough to have the pain gone in minutes.  You can try some of the other natural remedies mentioned below.  However, none of the other natural remedies  will eliminate the infection in a matter of minutes.  The benefits of Optimum You colloidal silver go far beyond its ability to stop kidney pain.  READ MORE


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Abdominal PainKidney Pain from Kidney Stones

Kidney Pain that water and Optimum You colloidal silver do not eliminate may be due to kidney stones.  If you have kidney stones, you may feel a much more severe pain.  It is similar to the pangs of child-birth.  Kidney pain from kidney stones can have you in your bed wondering if you will make it through the day.  If this is the case, check the joints of your fingers to see if they have enlarged or have knots on them.  If so, this could mean that you have a mineral deficiency.  The mineral deficiency can cause your body to be unable to store your calcium in your bones.  Therefore, your body may store the calcium in all the wrong places such as your joints and kidneys.   Try Optimum You colloidal minerals.

KIDNEYS: PASS OR FAIL?Kidney Pain: Kidney Failure

Pain in your abdominal area can be caused by the bladder or colon being irritated by the toxins that the body is not capable of removing fast enough. This type of pain can feel like you have a bad case of gas. However, there is no gas to pass or passing the gas does not seem to decrease the pain.  In these cases, the kidney failure can ensue making it important to work with a detoxification specialist properly trained in ensuring quick passage of toxic waste.  Kidney failure can occur for many other reasons.  Optimum Health’s qualified health practitioner and team of staff members can assist with healing the kidneys in most cases.

What help is there for Kidney Pain?

Total Body Detox, AfterYes, you might have pain after detoxing with the ionic foot bath if the process is not done correctly.  This can happen for several reason. If you do not help your body clear the toxins properly, they may sit near the organs that released them and may cause pain or other symptoms determined by the type of toxins present.

If you are not doing the ionic foot bath as often as your certified detoxification specialist has indicate, you can have pain or other symptoms. Why? Simple. Once you enter toxin dumping mode, your body will begin to actively dump toxins into your blood stream. If you don’t get these toxins removed often enough, they will build up to higher and higher levels. Once the levels get high enough, problems begin to occur. Once again, the problems you experience will depend on the type of toxin that is building up in your blood stream and organs.

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