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Iridology, looking into the possibilities!This open house will be in October of 2019.  Keep it in mind as it will be another huge success! Come enjoy the fun and games when you tour our 7 room facility and learn about Iridology, Detoxification, Primary Wellness Consultation and Total Body Cleanse DetoxEmotional Liberation Therapy appointment. The tour will end with a tasting of delicious, healthy foods and drinks. It is a time to see that eating good can taste great! There will be health related games with prizes and drawings for free total body cleanse detoxes.

Egg Cups - Kale and Sweet Potatoe 2      Ceasar Egg Salad

As the next number in the drawings was pulled in a previous open house, one attendee said, “Oh, I hope I win this. I really want to win this one!” Hearing her number announced made her so happy. One year, another attendee said,

“I didn’t want to come, but my daughter asked me to, so, I came. I am really glad I did.”

Last Year’s Open House Winning Dish


The food was outstanding. We asked the attendees to sample the food and assign it 1 to 5 stars depending on how much they liked it. There were only a few foods given the lowest rating of 1. Most foods were given 5 stars! The winning dish was the tabbouleh from Mezah. Even the carnivores that were present gave it 5 stars! It was made from carrot pulp but you would never know it. Come help decide what this year’s winning dish will be.


Last Years Contest Winner Was….

GiftsTamirra Nelson!  As our winner, Tamirra received:
Total Body Cleanse Detox for you and a guest accompanying you, $200
8 oz Colloidal Silver by Optimum You, $72.50
Black Soap by Optimum You, $5.25
Body Cream by Optimum You, $10.50

2019 Open House Contest

Colloidal Silver

This time, the contest is for anyone already having an appointment before June 15, 2018. You can refer family members, friends and co-workers to our center for a detox at 50% off between now and October 6, 2018. Or, you can send/bring your family members, friends and co-workers to the open house on October 6, 2018. We will count all the referrals at the end of the open house on October 6th to determine the winner. If you are the winner, you will get the following wonderful gift package:

  1. Total Body Cleanse Detox for you and a guest accompanying you, $200
  2. 8 oz Colloidal Silver by Optimum You, $72.50
  3. Black Soap by Optimum You, $5.25
  4. Body Cream by Optimum You, $10.50

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