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Thermal Imaging (Thermography)

Thermal Imaging, Breast

The picture is an actual thermal image used in thermography.

Note the color legend on the left side of the picture.  The black, purple and blue colors indicate cooler temperatures.  The green is the typical body temperature.  The yellow, orange, red, pink and white colors indicate temperatures hotter than the typical body temperature.  The breast on the left side of the picture is blue.  Since the breasts are external appendages they are cooler and should be blue in thermal images.  The breast on the right side of the picture is green and red.  Unfortunately, this is not good.  It means that the breast is too warm.  The physician reading this thermography image gave a diagnosis of cancer.

Also notice that the armpit on the right side of the thermography image above is also much warmer than the other armpit.  The cancer had already spread from the breast to the lymph nodes of the armpit.


Thermography: Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is a vital service that can identify possible developing cancer tissue.  With thermography, cancer tissue can be identified as much as 6 years sooner than with traditional methods.  With thermal imaging you can begin healing when you only have 225 cells to eliminate instead of waiting until there are billions of cells and structural damage to deal with.

Thermal Imaging: Breast and NeckThermal images look at the infrared light that your body gives off, much the way night vision goggles work.  Again,  the color legend indicates the temperatures represented by each color.  In this thermal image, the black and blue represent cooler temperatures.  Green, yellow, orange and red are warmer colors.  Since breast are external appendages, they should be cooler showing up as blue like the right breast on the left side of each picture.  Cancer increases the blood flow to the area warming the breast and making it green, yellow and red as you can see above on the right in the cancerous breast.

You will be given a copy of the actual pictures on a CD once your thermal imaging is complete.  The themographer will also give you a doctor’s report and a plan of action.  Then, they will explain the results.  Finally, you will be told how often to return for follow ups.

Make it a habit to get examined every 1-3 years.

Our preferred thermographer is recommend Marilyn MacClellan.  We have been honored to have Marilyn MacClellan on our list of preferred practitioners for over a decade.

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