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Why Can’t I Sleep?

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Why Can’t I Sleep?

There are many reasons why you can’t sleep.  Understanding the root causes will help keep you from taking things that will only force restless sleep instead of giving you restful, refreshing sleep.  Below are some of the most common reasons for trouble sleeping.


Trouble Sleeping Due to Melatonin Deficiency

Melatonin is released from the pineal gland in the brain and puts you sleep very quickly.  As this knowledge spreads, it is becoming very popular for people to take melatonin to sleep.  But is this addressing the problem?  Absolutely not!  Your body can make all of the melatonin needed for a full night’s sleep every night.  So the question becomes, “Why aren’t you making and releasing the melatonin so desperately needed for sleep”.  Or better yet, what causes the release of all of the melatonin you body makes each day?  Calcium is what causes the release of the melatonin.  So if you have a calcium deficiency, you cannot release your melatonin.  So is the answer to take melatonin and not address the calcium deficiency?  Read the next section for more information on trouble sleeping due to a calcium deficiency.

Trouble Sleeping Due to Calcium Deficiency

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 Calcium causes the release of the melatonin so desperately needed for sleeps.   But how?  You have weight receptors in your knees that let your body know if you are up putting your weight on your knees.  When you are up, you don’t want your body to keep releasing melatonin to try to put you to sleep.  However, once you have been off your knees for a good 30 minutes the calcium causes the release of melatonin and sleep ensues. If you don’t have the calcium, you don’t sleep.

Why does your body work this way?  Because your body needs plenty of calcium while you are sleep to build up your bones.  It isn’t a good idea to be breaking down and fixing bones while you are running and jumping during the day.  So your body uses calcium to release the melatonin for sleep to ensure that you will have plenty of calcium to be used to strengthen the bones while you sleep.  Taking the melatonin directly bypasses this process and can lead to low amounts of calcium stored in your bones.

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Trouble Sleeping Due to Adrenal Fatigue

Trouble sleeping due to adrenal fatigue is best understood by trying to imagine running through the woods with a lion chasing you.  The last thing your body needs to do is stop to sleep!  So if you are having trouble sleeping, one thing to consider is adrenal fatigue.


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