How Detox Foot Baths Work


“I have been flying high for 2 weeks.  Then I realized it all started right after I cleansed with a detox foot bath.”  Alvin F., Richmond, Virginia   “I was on disability dealing with non-stop fibromyalgia pain for six years.  After my first detox foot bath, I didn’t have any pain for three weeks!”  B. Brown, Richmond, Virginia   How does a detox foot bath work? Optimum Health’s detox foot bath is an opportunity for you to… Continue reading


    SEMINAR: HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SOLUTIONS FOR UPSILON NU CHAPTER OF OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY: We thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm and laughter as we explored the two best natural options for handling high blood pressure. Can you guess what the options were? Hmmmm…..Drinking water and detoxing, of course!   Once again we say, “Thanks” to all 30 of you Omega Men who had us in your fraternity house to discuss high blood pressure!   … Continue reading

Share The Health at Optimum Health

Share The Health! We truly value our regular clients.  You have spoken and we have listened.  We hear you regularly saying that you want your loved ones to come and see how much they can be helped by what we do at our center.  However, they are reluctant to come because they don’t want to spend their money on something they think won’t do them any good.  Again, you have spoken and we have listened!… Continue reading

Orange Detox Water: Bone Involvement & Gout

Orange detox water resulting from operating the detox equipment with feet in the water indicates that the joints are being cleansed.  Afterwards, people usually notice that they are able to bend much easier.  Painful joints will hurt less.  Often, bulges from fluid on the knees will be completely eliminated! Orange Detox Water: Joint Pain Relief When the Bone Is Involved In the case of metal toxicity, the metal can be stored in the joints.  Having… Continue reading

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