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Autism Recovery Testimonial

Patrick, 12 years old, Canada

We are really working wonders with Patrick through our autism recovery program.  He no longer injures himself by throwing himself on the floor for tantrums.  His father no longer has to constantly speak for him.  He is now holding conversations with his family and can tell them what he wants.  All of this in just five months of working with him!  Watch the video below to meet Patrick.


Would you like to know how Patrick is doing now as he approaches one year of autism recovery?


Autism Recovery: Arsenic and Mercury Heavy Metal Toxicity

Autism recovery requires consideration of arsenic and mercury and its removal.  Therefore, Kevin brought Daniel to  Optimum Health to get a hair analysis and dermal chelation.  The hair analysis confirmed the possibility of heavy metal toxicity.   It showed arsenic toxicity.  After Daniel’s first dermal chelation, the resulting detox water was tested.  The water contained extremely excessive amounts of mercury.  Two days after his first dermal chelation, Daniel became so independent in his studies that he got up that morning and went and logged onto the computer all by himself. This was something he had seen many times but had not been taught to do.  Then he logged into his homeschool website.  Again, something he had seen many times but had not been taught to do.  Finally, he did his work without any assistance and took it to his dad and said,

“Look dad, I just earned gold stars!”

After 4 dermal chelations to lower his mercury and arsenic levels, Daniel started teaching himself.  He was speeding through his course work. Also, he began competing with his brothers for conversations and attention in more age appropriate ways.   Daniel stopped stimming most of the time.  Most beautiful of all, Daniel began making good eye contact and smiling again!

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Autism Recovery: Landon, 7 years old, Texas, USA

Landon struggled with meltdowns all day long and into the night.  As a result, he had to be removed from school.  Fortunately, he began to improve immediately.  After 9 months of autism recovery, he is talking again.  He is also able to return to school and is doing well.  He still has a long way to go, but he is on his way!


Autism -A Happy Ending

Click Here or the picture above to meet Landon.

Autism Recovery: Child giving appreciative kiss to his health care worker.
Some parents want their children’s names and images kept private. In these cases, stock photos are used with testimonials.

The Most Wonderful Little Kiss, USA

A 5-year-old boy diagnosed with autism at age 2 came to our center to begin our autism recovery program. His mother and the practitioner struggled through his first dermal chelation with every ounce of strength they could muster as he kicked and splashed the accumulating toxic water everywhere. As the process progressed, he finally calmed down. His mother kept commenting on how calm he became. And then…he leaned over and rested his head on the practitioner’s arm. Next, he gave her the most wonderful little kiss. His gentle kiss made it all worth it.

At the beginning of his appointment the practitioner had asked him to count.  He did not respond. His mother, being his best advocate, began counting and then he joined in by finishing the number at the number seven.  He chimed in with her for number eight.  Then, he said nine and ten all by himself very slowly and deliberately. After the detox process was over, the practitioner asked him to count again. While holding up his fingers to go along with the counting, he said

“One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.”

He counted including his fingers indicating that he understood the quantity that the numbers represented as if he had been doing it for years. His mother was quite surprised as he had never done this before.  He had been storing the information all along.  He just couldn’t retrieve it due to mercury impairing his recall abilities.  The detox lowered his level of mercury immediately allowing him to recall information stored in his brain.

The resulting toxic water was tested for mercury and it was one of the highest our center has had to date. Just imagine…more mercury in that little 5-year-old body than most adults that come to our center.  There is a lot of hard work ahead for this young child. However, as the mercury decreases and his brain is allowed to heal, his mind will function better and better.

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