The Many Benefits of Water

The Many Benefits of Water: Considering the many benefits of water starts with looking at the picture to the left.  Notice that your brain is 75% water.  That might explain why you get a headache if you have not drank enough water!  Also notice that your blood can be up to 83% water.  That might explain why your blood can get so thick when you don’t drink enough water!  Thick blood is one of the… Continue reading

Diabetes Defense

Researchers monitored 3,000 overweight people with pre-diabetes—that is, their blood sugar levels were above normal, but not high enough to be diabetic. People who changed their eating habits and began exercising enough to lose at least 10 percent of their body weight within six months of being diagnosed with pre-diabetes had an 85 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with diabetes over the next three years than those who lost no weight. This is a strong… Continue reading

Take a Deep Breath

WHY SHOULD YOU TAKE A DEEP BREATH? Because it empties your lungs completely. This is one of the main ways your body releases unwanted acid to stay neutral and fully armed to defend you and keep you healthy.  It is also necessary to get enough oxygen when running long distances. SO, HOW DO YOU MAKE SURE YOU ARE BREATHING DEEPLY? Your naval area should go out when you inhale (the diaphragm is coming down to… Continue reading

Regrowing Hair Naturally is Easy

Regrowing hair naturally is easy when you fuel the body’s natural ability to regrow your hair. This means that your body needs appropriate amounts of protein and B vitamins to regrow your hair.  When your proteins are being used to manage and transport toxins or deal with other health challenges, there may not be enough left over for your hair.  As our detox process removed the toxins, her body no longer needed to use as… Continue reading

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