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Ionic Detox Foot Bath Scam?

Detox just starting, water is still clean. Detox Foot Bath: Is it Really Removing Toxins?

Ionic detox foot baths are thought to be a scam because the resulting detox water is said to look the same for everyone.  This is only true for the cheap imitation equipment.  The equipment that is actual medical equipment yields water that is very different for each person.

Look below at all of the pictures of resulting water from detox foot baths done with actual medical equipment.   Notice how different the results are when there are feet in the water.  Carefully compare the pictures with feet in the water to the first picture on each row below that does not have feet in the water.  You would not see such a huge difference if the equipment was not actually interacting with the person’s body.  Yes, these differences in the water indicate that the equipment is helping the body remove toxins!

Detox Water: Control  Detox Results Picture: Black Film  Detox Results - Kidneys and Gall Bladder

Detox Water: Control  DETOX RESULTS - YELLOW GREEN  Detox Results Picture: Bubbly Foam  

Detox Water: Control  Detox Results Picture  DETOX RESULTS - DARK GREEN UNDER BURNT ORANGE  




Blood Imaging Proves That Ionic Detox Foot Baths Are Not A Scam

Analyzing Resulting Detox Water Proves that Detox Foot Baths Are Not A Scam

Why Was It Thought To Be A Scam: Competitor’s Faulty Detox Equipment



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