+++              Dehydration and high blood pressure can be better understood by thinking about oatmeal. Think of your blood as oatmeal. The cells would be the pieces of oats. Your blood cells are floating in a clear watery liquid. Very watery oatmeal will run out when you turn the bowl upside down. Why? Because gravity is strong enough to pull the oatmeal from the bowl. If you put too little… Continue reading


SEMINAR: HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SOLUTIONS FOR UPSILON NU CHAPTER OF OMEGA PSI PHI FRATERNITY: We thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiasm and laughter as we explored the two best natural options for handling high blood pressure. Can you guess what the options were? Hmmmm…..Drinking water and detoxing, of course! Once again we say, “thanks” to all 30 of you Omega Men who had us in your fraternity house to discuss high blood pressure! Continue reading

The Importance of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an important nutrient that most other mammals are able to produce. When there is trouble in the body, those mammals begin to produce megadoses of vitamin C and end the trouble immediately. These mammals don’t get sick as easily as people do. Guinea pigs are one of the other few mammals that don’t produce their own vitamin C. Thus, guinea pigs are used for research because we can easily make them sick… Continue reading

The Many Benefits of Water

The Many Benefits of Water: Considering the many benefits of water starts with looking at the picture to the left.  Notice that your brain is 75% water.  That might explain why you get a headache if you have not drank enough water!  Also notice that your blood can be up to 83% water.  That might explain why your blood can get so thick when you don’t drink enough water!  Water cushions your joints and vital… Continue reading

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