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Healing From Paralysis

Healing From Paralysis

Healing From Paralysis

The video on this page shows real healing from paralysis.  Actually, the client in the video had rigid paralysis for 5 years that caused her fingernails to dig into the palm of her hand.  Fortunately, she began moving in just 3 weeks of care at Optimum Health.  If you are experiencing paralysis, we ask you to come try our process as well.  See if it can help you.  Please pass this video on to let people know the options that are available to them.

Healing From Paralysis Requires Stem Cells

Stem cells are cells that have not differentiated yet.  It follows that stem cells still have the ability to become any cell your body tells them to become.  For instance, sometimes the only way to heal the body is to replace severely damaged cells.  Our process stimulates your body to produce stem cells that can replace the damaged cells.  In addition to this, your body must have all of the nutrients necessary to respond to the stimulation and produce the stem cells.  Therefore, we focus on ensuring that all nutritional requirements are met.

Sometimes toxins are present that damage the tissue causing the paralysis or destroying the stem cells before they can mature into the cells needing to be replaced.  In view of this, it is important to remove these toxins to allow the healing to proceed.  Indeed, we make this happen with our total body cleansing process.

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