Why Do Vaccinated People Still Get COVID?


Why do vaccinated people still get COVID is a really good question.  Understanding the purpose of a vaccination makes the answer simple.  The vaccination simply exposes your body to the virus in a very controlled way.  This causes your body to remember the virus so it can be prepared fight better should it ever get exposed to the virus again.  Therefore, when you get exposed to the virus again, your body fights it off faster… Continue reading

Why Aren’t Stem Cell Transplants More Effective?

supporting stem cells with colloidal silver 500 ppm

There are facilities that can yield up to 90% symptomatic improvement with autism.  But what does this mean?  The autistic person’s symptoms will improve at least a little for at least a short period of time.    This can be absolutely wonderful as it can mean that you might hear your child speak for the first time in many years.  Unfortunately, parents have come to us asking, “Why didn’t the improvements last for more than… Continue reading

For Moments Like These: Optimum You Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver for Moments Like This

Support your immune system and encourage health in moments like this with Optimum You Colloidal Silver.             Related Topics Optimum You Colloidal Silver: The Details Optimum You Colloidal Silver: The Science Colloidal Silver Stimulates Stem Cell Production by up to 300% Colloidal Silver Helps Burns Heal Optimum Health’s Concept of Healing Primary Wellness Consultations Total Body Cleanses/Detoxes Natural Healthcare Center Location Donations: Help Us Help Others Email Us, How Can… Continue reading

Supplementation Is Essential

Vitamins and Supplements

Nutritional Supplementation is the addition of concentrated nutrients and other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect. In today’s world the typical diet has become nutritionless junk food that is eaten on the go.   Unfortunately, even the healthiest food choices are no longer packed with nutrients.   Therefore, for most people, supplementation becomes essential.  How do you know which nutrients need to be supplemented? This can be determined by a nutritional assessment.   Yes, these can be… Continue reading

Heavy Metal Toxicity Examples


Two Examples of Heavy Metal Toxicity Since heavy metals are literally heavy, gravity pulls them downward. Therefore, they tend to settle in your hand and feet. More tends to settle in your feet. The more you have settling, the higher up your arms and legs the settling will occur.  As the metal tends to irritate the skin from the inside, the rashes below are what we at Optimum Health have come to consider classic for… Continue reading

Coronavirus Survival

Coronavirus survival becomes more and more critical as each day passes. Strengthening your immune system is critical.  As long as your immune system is strong and your pH is close to neutral, the coronavirus sits dormant in your system while your immune system seeks it out and destroys it.  Your immune system will also  remember the coronavirus to be ready to protect you from it in the future.  It really is just that simple. Strengthening… Continue reading

Tracking Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Covid-19 (Coronavirus )

We have found several sites to have accurate and informative coverage of the coronavirus.  BBC New has a beautiful chart that shows the progression of the coronavirus from January 22, 2020 to the current date.  You can watch as the countries move around based on the number of confirmed cases.  Watch as the United States makes its entrance and then proceeds to the number one position. The Washington Post has excellent maps that let you… Continue reading

Coronavirus Exposure Survival


Coronavirus exposure can be quite intimidating!  Not to worry…you can drastically increase your chances of making it through it by following a few simple steps. Strengthening Your Immune System to Fight the Coronavirus We regularly suggest eating at least 3 eggs and a bowl of beans with ground, hulled sesame seeds added every day.  Doing so can give your immune system all of the essential amino acids needed to keep it nice and strong.  A… Continue reading

Heavy Metal Toxicity, Page 2

heavy metal toxicity

Heavy Metal and Yeast Overgrowth As the body becomes inundated with heavy metals, it may run out of places to store it.  In this case, the body will deliberately overgrow yeast to create a new storage space.  It is with this in mind that one should never simply destroy the yeast when the body is incubating it.  First, get checked for heavy metal toxicity to make sure that you won’t be releasing poisonous metals into… Continue reading

What makes heavy period bleeding worse?

Eating sugar can make heavy bleeding during your period worse!  Eating the sugar while being sedentary during your period can cause insulin to be released.  Insulin, indirectly, increases your bleeding during your period.  Sugar can cause such heavy menstrual bleeding that the blood may gush out and cause quite an embarrassing and scary situation. Sugar has made some of our clients begin to bleed heavily within a matter of minutes after it is eaten.  Monitor your sugar… Continue reading

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