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Autism Recovery: Meet Landon

Autism Recovery: Meet Landon

Working Wonders with Autism Recovery: Landon’s Autism Journey

LANDON AT AGE 2 BEFORE THE SYMPTOMS OF AUTISM APPEAREDLandon was a very happy baby and an extremely happy child.  Until, the symptoms of autism began to appear when he was 2 1/2 years old.  At that time he sad and angry.  It broke his family’s hearts to see his this way more and more often.  Then, he was diagnosed with autism.  LANDON AT AGE 2 AFTER SYMPTOMS OF AUTISM BEGAN TO APPEARThat was five years ago.  Click here or on the picture below to see an example of the violent and disruptive meltdowns he had all throughout the day and deep into the night.  These meltdowns caused his school to call his family to pick him up just minutes after they dropped him off.  As you watch the video, notice the changes he experiences.   Landon’s mother is a nurse who has truly been one of his best advocates as she insisted on trying everything she could to get help for her son.   Listen to how happy she becomes as she realizes that her son is capable of learning.

Landon and his mother.

Click here or the picture above to watch the video and meet Landon.

Yes, removing the heavy metals that can cause symptoms identical to autism can allow some children diagnosed with autism to heal and begin developing as any other child would.  This is definitely one of the benefits of the dermal chelation process.  When watching the video, did you notice that there was no speech initially, only indistinct moaning sounds and screaming.  Then, did you notice how he began to speak?  Did you notice that he is now back in school and learning.  Just imagine what will happen as he continues to learn in school.

At this point, his brain is still fairly toxic.  However, the toxicity has decreased enough to allow him to begin accessing memories so he can learn.  The toxicity has also decreased enough to allow the stem cells he is creating to survive the brains atmosphere!  Those stem cells have begun to heal his brain allowing him to begin developing.  All of this after nine months of autism recovery.

But how was he at the end of his first month?

ASD: One Month Update:

Landonhas had 12 dermal chelations and takes supplements to support the process.  As a result, he is doing better in school.  He is also initiating activities such as assisting with loading the dishwasher and bringing in the groceries.  He has even begun to think about and make statements about the future.  His stimming with his eyes and hands has decreased significantly.  He is really progressing through his autism recovery journey!

ASD: Two Month Update:

Autism Recovery...Meet LandonLandon turned 12 years old and has now had 24 dermal chelations.  Patrick was still having meltdowns that included him injuring himself as a result of throwing himself on the floor whenever his mother leaves the house without him.  Normally, when she travels, he spent most of her time away on the floor in autistic meltdowns.  His mother went away on a business trip two months after Patrick began our program.  Much to his father’s surprise, he did not have a single autistic meltdown.  At times, he was obviously saddened as he missed his mother.  But, he was able to control his emotions very well.

During his second month on our program, Patrick continues to communicate better.  He is now able to hold conversations with those closest to him.  Also, he rarely does any stimming with his eyes or hands.

Normally, when Patrick is told that he can play with his tablet at a certain time (6 pm for example), he keeps coming for the tablet and has to be told that it is not that time yet.  Not anymore!  He is now very aware of time as it passes.  He asked his father if he could play with his tablet.  His father told him that he could play with it at 6 pm.  Patrick went and put the television on a setting that displayed the clock.  He would go and check the clock regularly.  At exactly 6 pm, he went to his dad and said, “Brad, it is 6 pm.  Time for me to play with my tablet!” Yes, his awareness of time and his ability to communicate are progressing quite nicely.

ASD: Nine & Ten Month Update:


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