Primary Wellness Consultation, “Physical Exam” Naturally

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Your primary wellness consultation is a “physical exam” done natural health style.  Use it to learn how you can rejuvenate your body’s ability to repair itself.  First, we will take the time to listen to you and fully understand your concerns.  The actual “physical exam” will start with you placing your feet in warm, relaxing water for our total body detoxification. We will top this off with warm towels and a delightful foot massage.

Your primary wellness consultation may indicate which of your major organs are stressing.  Then you will get a nutritional assessment to determine the status of your major nutrients. In the next part of your “physical exam”, you will have an iridology reading of your eyes to further indicate organs that may be stressing.  Then we will review your medical and supplemental history, so, please bring your medical records and any supplements that you are taking.

If you are not able to come to our center, we can do this appointment with Skype.

Be assured that all of your forms and information collected during this primary wellness consultation will be kept confidential in the file that remains at our office.


Iridology, looking into the possibilities!Your “physical exam” results are used natural health style to identify your areas that need support for healing.  Then your personal Recipe for Health is produced.  This Recipe for Health contains our suggestions to help you reach your optimum health status.  Your Recipe for Health may suggest dietary and supplemental changes.   Your Recipe for Health may also suggest a total body cleansing (detoxification) schedule along with the organs to be flushed during the process.  Finally, your Recipe for Health will give expected healing schedule, other practitioners to be seen and grounding suggestion as well.  We will thoroughly explain the Recipe for Health and all assessment results. We answer all of your questions. On the rare occasion, when we do not know the answer to a question, we will do the research to find the answer!

Recipe for Health, Sample
Our File Your Folder

You will receive a blue folder full of helpful information.

We will keep a lighter blue folder with all of your confidential information at our center.  Each time you have an appointment, your file will be updated accordingly.

Implementing your Recipe for Health

We help you implement your Recipe for Health. During which time the goal is to help rewire your system.  We will also help you remove any harmful toxins that impede the healing process.

Re-wiring Your System with Supplemental Changes

Using supplements to rewire your system usually takes a few months.    However, it will allow your body to begin asking for healthier foods.  For example, the re-wiring will cause your body to ask for foods that don’t cause the release of an excessive amount of insulin. This causes your body to leave fat storage mode. In turn, your body will decrease and/or stop craving sugar-producing foods.  Instead, your body will begin to crave healthy foods.

Dietary Changes

After re-wiring your system,  you will have the will power necessary to make lasting changes to your diet.  At that point, Optimum Health will begin coaching you through dietary changes.

Removing Harmful Toxins

Removing the harmful toxins that impede your body’s ability to repair itself is essential.  The older you are when you start, the longer you have been hiding toxins away in your body.  As a result, it may take longer to remove everything.  But it is worth it.  As we remove each set of harmful toxins, the ability to heal improves.  This allows you to put that nutrients formerly channeled into handling the toxins to work creating a better, more vibrant you!


Keep in mind that each person is different.  As a result, each person will reach each stage of this process at the time that is right for that individual.

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Natural Health Practitioner: Tianya ClarkMeet Our Natural Health Practitioner

Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP

Education: Notre Dame College, St. Paul’s College, Medical College of Virginia, Certified Natural Health Professionals

Tianya has been in the health arena for over two decades helping people return their bodies to vibrant states of optimum health.   Physicians have been surprised and awed at how she helps the body heal making statements such as:

Wow! Never before in the history of recorded medicine has diabetic neuropathy been reversed.”

“You no longer need dialysis because your kidneys are working beautifully for your age!”

“Every time I drive past the building, I wonder what she is doing in there to get such amazing results!”

“Repeat the test.  The patient can’t be negative for cancer.”


Come and see how Tianya can help your body heal itself and be vibrant with the beautiful glow of optimum health both inside and out!

Primary Wellness Consultation: Fees

………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3 Hour Primary Wellness Consultation $250
(There will be an additional $100 fee for iridology readings that require photographing the eyes for a full report.)

………………………………………………………………………………………….. All follow-up appointments are billed at $100/hr.

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